[Archive] Plastic 28mm early-Imperial Romans and Eastern Romans (Byzantines) incoming!


Victrix is going to step into the lorica segmentata sweetspot at last with their growing ancient range (heads look somwhat clumsy, though):

And their mediaeval descendants will be covered by Fireforge Games:

The ancient legionnaires have long been awaited… though given the clumsiness of the ever-crucial heads I’m not sure how large an improvement over Warlord Games’ kit they truly are? Anyway a quality plastic ancient range has been sorely lacking, in spite of its popularity. The ancient era saw lots of colourful empires and tribes, all perfect for miniature treatment. To someone from a country with small Napoleonic war history, it has always boggled the mind how enormous the Napoleonic wargaming scene seems to be, to the point where it overshadows most other epochs including the classy 18th century tricorn soldiers. Perhaps big hats just are the key to popular pull?

The Byzantines (or Eastern Romans, officially called Romans by their contemporary neighbours, and who never were called Byzantines in their day and age as a certain group of historically minded people will insist upon) are also most welcome. That aged Roman empire was colourful and filled with intrigue, bloody wars and generally all the shocking and tumultuous stuff that makes up an epic story and calls out for costly movie adaptations to be made. Whatever else one may think of them, it’s hard to argue that the Byzantines were not one of the most interesting groups of the entire mediaeval era. To see them get the sweet plastic treatment is nice. Perhaps plastic Varangian Guard and cataphracts are incoming as well?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Those are some really great models! I have no use for them in my armies but I really like those! I could easily see an EoS army made of that theme with those models as the core tying it all together.


If somebody is into Dogs of War that centurion could be a great Lorenzo Lupo. Just replace that flimsy gladius with something more suitable!

Fuggit Khan:

Beautiful models!

Not only for Dogs of War (as Skink mentioned), but they’d make cool Empire troops too. Maybe even as CD allies in KoW.

Thank you for sharing these pics :slight_smile: