[Archive] Plastic Bolt Throwers

Ben Saunders:

Anyone looking for bolt throwers might be interested in the Roman Scorpian from Warlord Games: three for £20:


(Less than GW charge for one Finecast dwarf bolt thrower - though you’d need to supply hobgoblin crew.)


Good find!

The Roman crewmen, if one wants to use them in Warhammer, could be ancient Tileans (statues or alive, if alive, they would be good for “ancient Warhammer battles” with Khemri and Greenskins crushing all manner of civilisations), or perhaps Chaos Marauders belonging to a long-lost Warband. Old Tilean statues would probably work best.


I’ve used some of the crew as a ‘royal’ greatsword unit, they work reasonably well, but I think the scale is just a touch different to GW.