[Archive] Plastic Hero's?


Hey all! I’m trying to find a way to get plastic hero’s , I hate the metal ones- they always fall apart, even with GW’s glue. What should i use for one? I was thinking of buying the Lootaz and burnaz, and using a Mek as a big mek, and then using a Tankbuster nob as a Warboss. It seems a bit pricey, but im liking the possibilities!

What do you think? I’d love to know what sets you think would work the best for converting plastic heros! (Maby the Nobz!)

Pyro Stick:

Metal heroes will only fall apart if you dont look after them. Hopefully you are using super glue and not plastic glue. If they keep on falling apart them just pin them together and that will save you converting a load of plastic guys.

Kera foehunter:

i agree i pin everyting !!! i have cats!! and they are the true test if your figures will hold up!! or if there not cool enough the cat seem to hide them


With just a little green stuff and some ingenuity you can do whatever you want. If you are feeling plastics than go with it. However, that does not need to be expensive. Make the most out of you bitzs and buy bitz and not complete box sets. You will find this method of army building to be extremely cheap. I constantly buy thrashed figures for next to nothing and fix them up. It is both fun a rewarding, hope that helps some.


Ive tried it all… Pinning, Super glue, GS… Ill find a way, probably take it to EXTREME and use soldering metal from old metal bitz… Lets see it fall apart after that…

In a unrelated note, i believe that i have Insomnia.


If pinning isn’t working, you’re probably not setting the pins deep enough, or you should try using multiple pins on one joint to spread out the force across the metal. Pinning really is the best way.

Personally, I’ve found that using GS to glue parts together is faster and easier and still puts up with a lot of abuse. Also, GW’s glue sucks. Try Loctite super glue gel or something similar. Its a space filling glue too, so you get a tighter joint.


Why not base any Ork Boss on the plastic AoBR Ork Warlord. That’s what I’d/will do.


If you can’t stick your metals, try this: http://www.warglue.co.uk/


If you can't stick your metals, try this: http://www.warglue.co.uk/




I suggest reading through these and see what the ups and downs reported are before paying extra for something just because it is labelled as special formulation. GW does the same A LOT after all.


Actually, I use it. It’s very, very good. I swear by it.

I won’t lie, it IS expensive.

However, you need so little and it works so well, that it works out much cheaper.



Wow- thanks for the links. Ill try the Multiple pinning idea, and then ill also try out my sodering idea… ^^

Kera foehunter:

what i do is use a 7.2 cordless drill and drill bit

then i use crazy glue with a brush cap 3.49 at wallmart

i drill out the figure and the brush on the super glue to the pin ( i use small paper clips Swiped from work ) stick the pin in the let it set then glue the other end of the pin and put the other piece on