[Archive] Plasticard?(1)


Where can i purchace Plasticard? I’m in the US.


Hobbytown USA. It’s called sheet styrene in the US and you can find it in packs of several sheets.

The primary brands are Plastruct and Evergreen. They also sell a number of the pre-formed shapes like I-beams, pipes, lattice, stone-textured styrene, etc…

As an alternative, you may want to find a local sign store or plastics manufacturer, as you may be able to buy larger, cheaper sheets of plastic.

I hope that’s helpful.


There’s some here as well.


If you find any good ones make sure to put the link there :wink:


Any model shop/hobby store should be able to sell you that. You can get “variety” packs with different thicknesses in for probably around $10 US.


Try hobby train stores too.