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Hi guys, somebody offered me his 6000 points CD Army.

Now he doesn`t really know how much it is worth and i really neither want to pay too much but i want to be fair about it.

What do you think what price range would be ok?

He offered:

- 3 Great Taurus

- 1 Lammasu

- 12 Bull Centaurs (2 Standard Bearer, 1 Musician)

- 40 Axeman

- 38 Blunderbusses

- 1 Musician

- 6 Standard Bearer

- 7 Champions

- 3 Heros

- 3 Wizards

- 2 Astragoth

- 28 Sneaky Gits

- 18 Hobgoblins

- 20 Hobgoblin Archers

- 3 Hobgoblin Champions

- 4 Hobgoblin Standard Bearers

- 4 Hobgoblin Musicians

- 1 Hobgoblin Hero

- 1 Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf

- 4 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

- 8 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders w Bows

- 1 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders Standard Bearers

- 5 Earthshaker

- 4 Death Rocket

- 4 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

- 1 Empire Steam Tank (future Conversion Chariot…)

- 53 Goblin Spearmen (Plastic)

- 53 Nightgoblin Archers (Plastic)

- 1 Arc of Visibility (Red)

- 2 Chariot Resin Lava Bases

- 60 x 25mm Resin Lava Bases

- 8 x 40mm Resin Lava Bases

- 6 x 50mm Resin Lava Bases

- 20 Kav. Resin Lava Bases

- Army Book White Dwarf presents Chaos Dwarfs


Wow. Thats alot. Over $1,000 USA worth of stuff. Id buy some if its a good price. Warriors, Blunderbuss, Earthshakers, Champs. LOL.


I first want to see what he decides, i used the going prices from the stickies above and came to a maximum of 1000�,�.

Perhaps i can organize a split if he is interested.

Blue in VT:

If so I’m interested in the Hobgoblin Wolf riders!



If we’re tossing out ‘dibs’, then I’d be interested in a death rocket and a couple of hobgoblin bolt throwers.


I’d be interested in all of the hobgoblins on foot.


If this turns out into a group buy. I have some interest in:

1 Standard Bearer

1 astragoth

some warriors(if metal)

some wolfriders if blue doesn’t want all of them :hat off

Best Regards,



I would say a FAIR price for all that would be in the range of USD$1300-USD$1500.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I couldn’t say because it’s a large amount, but if you know the person ask them to hold on whilst you gather up people to buy the bits - take the bits you want and make a fair bid on them and get everyone else (first come and first served) to make a fair bid on the other items. That way, people get what they want (unless you want it all forever, lol).

If the above happens, I have dibs on Lammasu, BC musician, some non SB BCs, some BBs, the other astragoth, earthsahker, deathrocket, white dwarf presents and maybe the hobbo archers with full command (assuming Crh608 dropped out).


Havent heard from him the last 2 days but he hadnt been online, but then it seems i was right with a range of 900 to 1100 �,�.
Will post here as soon as i have heard something.


now that is a group buy i’m not orginizing =) i would take some hobos let me know whats left and i’ll think about it =)