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Since I lurk around so much here I thought it only fair that I started sharing my adventures with the evil stunties, so here we go.

I embarked upon this venture about a year after Tamurkhan was released, and to my shame, most of the miniatures have been left unattended up until now. Well, as you can clearly see below, that’s about to change drastically for the better.

My general approach to this army has been to create a TT++ standard force, using a recipe of dipping and manual highlights that I thought was very successful for my 40k daemons army. I am a painter at heart, albeit a slow one, and this approach affords me a greatly increased output of miniatures.

Enough with the words, on with the show:

Now, no army is complete without its Toad Dragon to accompany it…

And I’ve also tackled Drazhoath…

As well as the war machines - the hell cannon is currently missing a crew, I think it will be well served by some Confrontation Mid-Nor dwarves though:

All of the miniatures pictured above were painted well over a year ago, and now I’ve finally gotten around to:

Now only 40 IG to go…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



One hell of a start. That just looks… Great. Under each and every aspect.


Looking great - keep the updates coming


Wow, thats a great start in every way. That giant is awesome, were did you get that?


wow amazing models!

I love the snowy bases!


One hell of a start. That just looks... Great. Under each and every aspect.

Thanks! I know they're not up to the standards of some painters on this here forum, and they're not my finest, but when painting armies I find that it pays to try and keep a sensible level of painting quality, for my sanity if nothing else.
Looking great - keep the updates coming

Will do, in the meantime I have some other pics to whet your appetite.
Wow, thats a great start in every way. That giant is awesome, were did you get that?

It's a Curs'd Ettin from FW - I figured I'd use it as a Siege Giant since I prefer the model to that of the actual siege giant.
wow amazing models!

I love the snowy bases!

Thanks! I usually end up having to put two layers of snow on the miniature since it kind of fades to grey due to the varnish. The last group picture have only had the one layer added so far.

I've always had a soft spot for naval fantasy, so of course they needed a fleet to go with them (not that I've ever played with it, but still):

And no fleet is complete without its Kraken:

And I had this crazy idea for unit fillers/K'daii Fireborn being led by a dwarf in flame-proof armour and then Tor Gaming released these guys and the opportunity was just to good to pass up:


Nice work, keep it up :slight_smile:


Great work! Do you have any pic for size comparison for the Toad Dragon, Ive heard its huge! :slight_smile:


Mmmmm, delicious looking models. I like the muted tones you’ve got going on overall, they’re a nice refreshihng change from the more common CD schemes. However, it feels like that style doesn’t work as well for the flames and glowy bits (like Drazhoath’s soulfire brazier and the Magma Cannons). Would love to see those particular parts of the models done in a brighter, more poppy style.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Wow. Great idea for the giant. Dam fine work.


wow!! really amazing!! I really love your unit fillers/Fireborns, I was thinkering with a similar idea without sucess, and now…THE LIGHT. :smiley: