[Archive] Possible alt' taste Inferno Golem?


Hopefully if its the right size and with a bit of conversion, say turn the vines to lava or convert to tentacles.

Might get a couple to convert maybe.

Pyro Stick:

Thats actually quite cool. What company is it by?


Looks like its part of the Circle Orobourus (or whatever its called) in Hordes so that’;; be Privateer Press.

Certainly looks usable.


Yeah its by PP.

they are £16 each, and i’ve asked them how large they are to see if they can rank up on a 40mm base, but not sure.

might try one when i’m feeling more flush.


looks good,will make a cool looking inferno golem


It’s on a 50 mm round base, so I think ranking them up on 40 mms will be hard.

This is on a 40 mm base, but it’s not quite as cool as the Woldguardian you posted.

These are only on 30 mm bases, so quite a bit smaller, but are also some pretty cool stone construct types from Privateer Press.



That one looks cool, but no where near mechanical enough…

I love those Immortals, any idea how tall are they?? 30mm base… are they taller than a standard 28mm model then?? - its hard to tell with a round base.


I love this model, not bad at $14 each, that makes a unit of three £30, bit of modification and ‘dwarfing’ hmmmm


Well, Warmahordes models are probably closer to 30 mm then 28 mm, but less ‘heroic’ proportions than GW.

I don’t have any Immortals to measure unfortunately, but from the pictures I’d reckon they are 35-38 mm to the top of their heads, which would make them a bit bigger then GW humans, but not as big as ogres. Hakaar is bigger, he’s on a 40 mm base in the above picture, so he’s beefier as well.


I like the Hakkar model, still might be to slim for me.

This guy is epic, but alas way to big!

Now i think i’ve found the basis for my Inferno golems, add some arms more features and they’ll look sort of bull like.



This guy is epic, but alas way to big!

I got one of these on my painting desk at the moment, it's awesome. The club is humungous.


It to me looks like a steam tek Dreadnought. Awesome!


It’s a steam driven semi-autonomus robot controlled by specially trained magicians, called Warcasters. Warjacks and warcasters are the focus of Warmachine, which is an awesome game.

This year, PP updated the rules for Hordes and Warmachine to a second edition, and have so far put out updated books for 8 out of ten factions, plus two core rulebooks, with new releases for every faction thrown in as well. The last two will be out in November and December respectively. Hordes and Warmachine are compatible by the way, Hordes just has living monsters where Warmachine has steambots. All this was playtested publicly with the rules available for download.

PP will then continue with their normal way of releasing models, putting out books that advance the metaplot and introduce new models for all Factions for that game. Next book is called Warmachine: Wrath, due early 2011.

I love the games and the company, and if you head into the FLGS I frequent, you are more likely to see a game of Warmachine then a game of Warhammer any given day of the week, so it’s hit of well here.

Edit: Sorry for threadjacking, got carried away.


That PP advert was brought to you by Ogrob :wink:


Indeed. I also got of my ass and took a load of pictures, including the above mentioned warjack. You can find them in the Ruffians and Renegades log, link in my signature.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Warmachine stuff is pretty cool. I have a bunch of it, as well as Racham figures in my hobby store, but alas, no one buys it.


the 1st model’s not quite to my taste. Be interesting to see it converted though. Lucky for me your shop’s not in my area Tarrakk, I have a weakness for Rackham models. I like the steampunk influence in Warmachine, Steampunk is quite popular. I wonder if that influenced the new Fantasy/Forgeworld theme of the new DZ models?


The first model i like alot i think could work really well as a inferno golem


The first model i like alot i think could work really well as a inferno golem

I agree, but i think scale is an issue, he is rather big


Horgenhold Forge Guard | Privateer Press

These might work, make the faces more dwarven, and i’m thinking CD’s in demonic armour shells.

I REALLY like these guys!