[Archive] Possible base for a warmachine?


Check out this new engine from Privateer Press

This should be one to watch as it would make the base for a very cool chaos dwarf war machine imo.  Or just stick a cannon of some sort ontop and call it a steam tank.  Maybe even an engineers mount…

Insider 2-11-2011 | Privateer Press

Thommy H:

Looks more Empire than Chaos Dwarfs to me.


At the moment…  Throw on a daemon skull on the front, some spikey bits all over and maybe some chains here and there.  Paint it mostly black.  That would be pretty CD themed imo.

As a guess I think a CD (without hat) would come to about 2/3 the way up the big wheel. So it’s pretty big. Just a guess though.


Looks very WoW Dranei to me. Its very smooth.


A bit odd, wouldn’t use it in my army.

But nice find, someone will find a use for it.


I actually have the perfect model to go on that (if they don’t build it up a lot more). Years ago I started making a kollosus, and all this time later it’s not really a great deal further on. I could just stick the upper body on the platform there and call it finished! I’ll probably do that, if the price of this thing isn’t stupid.


I really want to turn it on it’s side and use it as a tank.

Might work, if the exhausts and wheels are moved?


If you remove the exhaust, put some slaanesh icons on it and strap two steeds of slaanesh infront of it, you can call it a war altar of slaanesh


It says on the site that it will have another two layers of sculpting added, so it might look a bit different by the time it hits the shelves.

that guy:

I like it,I see nothing but potential.


Hehe, it struck me as a gigantic wheel chair for an old sorceror… Ride with style! :smiley: