[Archive] possible BC lower body


so i was thinking that maybe i could use the body of the boars for my BC.

how do you people find it?



Not really convinced, i will wait on the Warhammer Forge ones.

Da Crusha:

they look like they are on 25 mm X 50mm bases. so for LoA I think they are too small. if you are going with a different list where that would be the appropriate base then they would be fine.


A bit small for loa, considering others have used juggernauts as bull centaur bodies.

But for the old bull centaurs, should be ok.


well juggernats are not really my thing :slight_smile:

the base they come with does not matter at all as i can make my own for loa.

DAgabriel, i don necessarily want to because even though im sure the models are superb, i really wanna convert my whole cd army, not just buy them, the problem is that i’ll propably see them as well before buying these guys due to so many commitmets i have.