[Archive] Possible daemon engine


This just popped up on the forge world site and i though with a bit of converting could be turned in to any number of cool cd things , what do you guys think ?


would need some work to make it more warhammer like but i think it could work well with a cannon arm of some sort and that fist with some cd runes on it and of course a beard and a big hat :smiley:


Its a bit to high tech for me. but whit some extensive modelling it could work. (but than again, with that much modelling you could convert a G I Joe into a daemon prince and they are a lot cheaper d: )


Mnja, agree with Bolg… I prefer you “ork” version Loki.


I love the model. Considering a pre-heresy marine armour just to justify getting one.

As for Chaos Dwarfs, not sure. Reckon the Dreadknight is a betting option as you can take off the armour plates and add a load of pistons and stuff. With a bit of work to seal all the armour up, the Contemptor could work as a host/cage for a bound daemon - abit like how the Thousand Sons work in the 40k fluff.