[Archive] Possible Daemonic Construct?


hello there, i was looking through forgeworld when i noticed this,

Blood Slaughterer

anyone else thinking a daemonic contruct of some sort? i plan on buying one myself and can’t wait to see the look on an opponents face when that thing comes out of the box.


Possibly a bit too high tech for a CD figure, but it is a fantastic miniature.


The forgewold Slaughterer is quite nice and looks like what the chaos defiler should have been for 40k. Daemonic construct possibilies are there, although i do agree that particular model seems a bit on the futuristic side. Now the original Blood Slaughterer seems more plausible as a daemonic construct - it has a technology look without being so far advance that it would look out of place.

Kera foehunter:

that is so cool !!! i want one it make a cool attack crab


it might be a bit too futuristic, but not too much, it has the same concept as the juggernaughts pretty much, and those are used in fantasy.