[Archive] Possible Hobgoblins? (Red Box Games)


These might do nice as Hobgoblins:


Those are very nice models, thank you for finding them I might use some.


Those would be awesome hobgoblins. I had the exact same thought when I say the pre-order go up this morning. Tre is really getting better and better - and I really hope that he will start out some pure evil models, soon.


They are nice aren’t they and indeed Tre is quickly becoming better and better! He says he’s got more for this range in the works so I am hoping they’ll fit in nicely with the rest.


They are really cool, too bad Ive already started to make my own Hobgoblins…


Why, yes they would work.

Plus I could use them in my Orc & Goblin army which is themed around the greenskin rebellion… and I’m using my Hobgoblins as regular Goblins in that list.

Border Reiver:

The one giving the finger has a lot of potential as a champion model IMO.


I really like Red Box minis, but I find them a tad undersized compared to Warhammer models in general. I’ve been collecting the humans - good and evil, and the elves for use in a D&D campaign I’m running and very pleased with all of them I’ve purchased so far. Nicely sculpted, a good amount of detail and very fun to paint.