[Archive] Possible new (non-GW) CD figures for Warhammer


This is a CD figure from HassleFree miniatures (brought to my attention by Father Grumpmas):


This is a figure from Enigma.  Not sure of the scale, but I think it is bigger than 28mm:


For a second there I thought you meant new GW models… sigh

Though the HassleFree one looks like it would make a great character.

Pyro Stick:

Looks more like an undead crazy mountain man than anything else.


Pulpers making new stuff? Nice.

Kera foehunter:

what a cute chaos dwarf undead thingy. i like it


Looks cool, but would need to be scaled down a bit methinks. The body just isn’t squat enough to be a Chaos Stuntie.


im sure before the hasslefree one was out someone on here posted it, and im pretty sure someone on here sculpted it.

the second one looks too tall to be a dwarf in my opinion.


REal cool miniature with the two axes. I like it :slight_smile: Perhaps not 100% CD but still good.


The pose reminds me of some 3rd edition chaos warriors, there are some marauder cd figs with nearly the same pose.