[Archive] Possible sale of chaos dwarf NOW WITH PRICE!

Akahoushi Rezo:

Decided for a price of 220 dollars without shipping. I can lower the price to 200…

just looking for a good offer to sell some of my chaos dwarfs.

i’m selling:

great taurus ( assembled no rider)

lammasu ( converted original face no banner poles for the rider)

hero on foot with the axe laying down ( complete)

astragoth( no back exhaust)

sorcerer ( complete)

13 warriors with only one plastic and complete command group( champion, standard, and drummer)

11 warriors with one plastic and champion ( thechampion is a different one form the other unit)

10 hobgoblin warrior with command group ( horn blower slightly converted)

one earthshaker( no wheels)

7 bull centaur with standard and musican converted( there are 6 different types)

waiting fo some honest, good offers.

the models apart from astragoth never saw even the primer spray… they are new!

Pyro Stick:

Im not interested but maybe if you posted pics and what you would be looking for for each unit you might get some more interest in them. You only posted the thread today so wait a few days before you assume no one is interested.


I’m interested. Do you have a ballpark of what you’d like for things, or would you be interested in trades at all?

Hashut’s Blessing:

As Pyro has stated, give it a little time and it’s often a good idea to post some pictures too (updating the first post to have the pictures is the best way to do this). It is also a good idea to give an upper end figure for what you think they are worth and be prepared to haggle down. For example, I’m interested in the bull centaurs, but I’ve knwon someone to ask £50 for 2 and they thought it was fair…

Akahoushi Rezo:

I'm interested.  Do you have a ballpark of what you'd like for things, or would you be interested in trades at all?

no trades, except for space wolves maybe ( new one) no idea on what to ask, send me a pm with an offer, I'll think of it, ok?

@Pyrostick: I'm going to put some photos, but no I'm not a vampire so i think I'm not going to ask £50 for two bulls XD

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

If you’d want to sell seperately, I’d be interested in the Hero on foot.


im interested in all the warriors, the bull centaurs and the earthshaker, is it possible to buy only this or un seel only all together?