[Archive] Practical uses of the Juggernaut


In light of the outrageous prices they go for on vultureBay I’ve decided I will be making my own.

I’ve been started to kick around some ideas and sketch some initial drawings of the Juggernaut and I started to think about this: Practical uses for it on the field.

Now at home this isn’t an issue as you can make up any rules you want (I believe Pyro has already done so).

What would be your best use for a count as.

Mine is going to be modeled with Siege games in mind.



I would go with a siege tower, although if we could take one it’d be a pretty cool DoW giant

Uzkul Werit:

Maybe stupidly large unit filler?


To fill what? The Plain of Zharr?


I have some drawings I made of a Chaos Dwarf War Rhino, inspired by some stuff I read in a D&D source book, I’ll scan it sometime, a Juggernaut particularly the new would work well for my idea…


I’ve got a pic of my half completed juggernaut. I’ll see if I can upload it this weekend. It is seige tower sized.


Siege seems to be the primary use to me. Mine will be constructed with that in mind.

Kera foehunter:

so is it going to be a for legged walking machine??


No. but i will be taking into account the fact of siege. Basically without “spilling the beans”… it will be configurable with removable/replaceable parts to be able to adapt it for different uses…