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If I was to sell a 2 to 2.5K chunk of my Chaos Dwarves (leaving me my own 2- 2.5 K of CD)… Do you guys think that something like a $1000 US is a reasonable price?


It would include one of each warmachine… some hobos… a taurus… new black orcs… etc…



Captain Crayon:

nah i think $150US is a better price.

where do you want me to send payment? :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously folks…

I would actually be inclined to say yes. pretty expensive but it looks like its all metals and contains a good mix of units, and loads of hobgoblins.

Maybe a tad less, but i reckon if you werent looking at selling it quickly you might get it. If you wanted to sell it quicker you could probably divide it up into units.


It doesn’t sound unreasonable to me - nice collection of bog hat minis painted and finished in the correct style for their era. Worth a punt on e-bay i would have thought


Possible, but as with anything its what the market will bear…


I think that is good price for what you have got there, they are well painted and should get that for you best of luck :slight_smile:


Cool guys! I’ll give it a go!



Army for sale… Wargamerau.com

$1250 Australian

$1000 US Dollars


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