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Hello, I’ve recently come across some of my old Chaos Dwarfs and was thinking about selling them.

I have a wide range of the old metal (tall hat) figurines.

Some are painted (not so well).

Some are base-coated.

Some are untouched.

Does this affect the value much? How much does, say, a metal chaos dwarf with an axe go for? A blunderbuss? A command unit?

Thank you in advance for any information!

:hat off

Blue in VT:

In my experience well cleaned or bare figures will sell for more…the figures you’re talking about will sell for good money either way…but it may be worth your time to properly strip them if you want to maximize your $.




They vary a bit from time to time, the best way to judge it is to watch several Ebay auctions and see what they go for. I don’t think the paintjob makes that much difference but you’d probably get a little more if it is bad and you strip it off.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Best thing to do is to check the current valuation thread - Current Going Rates.


Thanks for the info!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem - here to help!