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So, I have a small story about the end times and something different happening to some Chaos Dwarves and their followers. This is a story of those who survived and were shoved onto another world. This is a story for my Chaos Dwarves who will be used within the Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes engine. This and the army list are cross posting with my personal blog as well. Small edits here versus the blog were made.

The Possessed of Norindaal.

Not all who survived the End Times in the Old World flew into the chaotic flux. Robu, a deposed Overlord, was one to survive with his retinue. His Sorcerer-Priest, Rosubian had found a gate unlike any other and, being that the rest of the Chaos Dwarf Clans had forsaken them, so they had no reason to fight but to survive and, perhaps, bring more glory to Hashut.

Stepping through that portal, and followed by a vomit of tar and oil, they found themselves alone, stranded within the new world, as the portal collapsed with the death of the Old World. Immediately, he set upon some halflings that had been wandering through the grasslands, lands such that a Chaos Dwarf in the Dark Lands had not seen in a few centuries.

Standing on the land, he smiled as the new slaves began mining for his warriors, and the glory of Hashut. He stood over them as they cowered and he gave them specific instructions as they were beaten and, eventually, sacrificed on the altar to Hashut they themselves had built. During this time, the Chaos Dwarves and their handful of other warriors had found deep mines within the ruins. The mines were deep enough to find magma, which is used to forge the new weapons, ornaments, and armors of the warriors. Sadly, his contingent of warriors is not large enough for a full-scale attack on others, but perhaps they could find others and bring them to Hashut.

Thus the raids began. Soon, Rosubian found that his domain was known as Hyria within the new world, finding this out from slaves he captured among the halfings and the odd fungi-folk that traveled throughout.

Robu, having been defeated before, had a pole-axe created to his specifications, allowing him to reach over the shoulders of some of his warriors. His waraxe wielding infantry rebuilt their broken armors, and some chose to use devastating two-handed weapons. Deep within the mines, they were even able to find the proper materials for Blunderbusses, which they set about making immediately. Soon, his small contingent had rebuilt a small fortress hidden within the ruins, as they were yet unable to assess the dangers facing them. Eventually, Robu formed a slave-raiding party, for they needed more. They formed a fast-moving group, crossing the valley to their north to reach the other mountains to their north.

This brought them into Kestar Kell, where they found a horrific sight. Undead Dwarves led by an undead dwarf lich. The lich, apparently a servant of Malal, recognized the Chaos Dwarves for what they were and offered up an alliance. The two traded knowledge, as the Lich King had been transported away from the Old World well before the End Times. From here, the Lich King told of Giants that were not as enormous as the old world ones, but that had the hearts of fire and desire to destroy that the Chaos Dwarves did, as well as the different Hobgoblins of the world. While the Hobgoblins Robu brought with him were great meat shields, the Hobgoblins of Norindaal are excellent warriors. If a trade agreement could be brought between the two, eventually an alliance, the Chaos Dwarves, the Hurras (the Hobgoblins of Norindaal), and the Thralls of the dwarven Lich King Darran Dur, the groups could find much power and, eventually rule a great portion of the world.

The dwarves nearby, not nearly as robust, and, some would even say savage dwarves, have yet to find the Chaos Dwarves. This is good, for the Glory of Hashut war engine has yet to be completed. Once it is complete, these dwarves will bend down in fealty to the Chaos Dwarves and Hashut be praised!


Neat AoS background! Will it all be reflected in your army, including polearmed prince Robu? It’s a brave new world (though the Old World isn’t dead by a long shot), and open field for wild new stories. :hat off


Yes, very nice. Having no other view to see AoS with. It gives me someway to imagine it for myself.



Yes, it will be reflected in my army. I have a suitable, VERY old-school miniature (pre-Big Hat Heritage Miniatures Dungeon Dweller miniature with a poleaxe I plan on using for Robu, until I buy another RA pack, so I can convert a few figures from the line), definitely a departure from the Russian Alternative miniatures I will otherwise be using. When I go to the store to get my camera some new batteries (I’ll be doing that within the week), I’ll post up my BSB.

@Abecedar: I don’t play Age of Sigmar, but if this helps you find a way to make it work for you, that works for me!

Fuggit Khan:

A good read :cheers

I really like the bits of flavorful description you threw in, such as “followed by a vomit of tar and oil”, “odd fungi-folk” and “meat shields”. Really adds to the story!