[Archive] printable army list

zorn sabretooth:

:idea iwant cd army list copied out on to a page where people can print it off not pdf nonsense:mad


Ummm Ok, care to translate that into terms that we can understand?

zorn sabretooth:

:masktype in on a keyboard the chaos dwarf army list and put in on this site


If you have a pdf reader then you can easily print it off. Adobe is the most common maker.

Thommy H:

You can print from the PDF…

Why would anyone go to the trouble of typing out copyrighted material when everyone can just download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, then get the PDF for free and then print it out from that?


we can’t type it out, it’s copywrited, and thus illegal

you can always get a free adobe reader, download it then press print


umm… where to get a good free armybook pdf?


Assuming you are talking about chaos dwarfs you can download it from the US GW site…


only the CD and the DOW are legal free PDF’s, the rest if they are on the internet are illegal


umm.. where to get a good free armybook pdf?

Chaos Dwarfs Online does not, will not condone illegal file sharing nor inquries for such subject matter. Warhammer and its associated works are the IP of Games Workshop.

Do not ask for such materials on CDO again.


Ok I won’t. Sorry