[Archive] Pro painted?


Heh im trying to get the picts. Its hard to do when my camera is lost. Id use my iphone, but low quality. Ill see if my friend have one i can use....

I phone quality will do. It's not perfect for sure, but good enough to see the "direction" of the paintjob (poor, avarage, table top, good, excelent, pro-painted)

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

So.sad has posted a good example before. That, and only that, is pro painted. The bloke could probably charge 50 quid (GBP) or more for that paint job.

On the other hand, a nicely painted army will usually value (a little) higher. I recall a few Dwarfs that were on sale on Ebay, painted quite well. They valued twice or thrice the normal value. Are you familiar with Queen Helga? Directly for sale from GW for 7 quid, sold there for 18.50. Ebay, a fool’s paradise :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

The “pro-painted” issue aside, this is how it works on ebay:

If it’s a really good paintjob, you can sell it as a painted figure and get more for it. If it’s anything less than stellar then you’re just selling the figure, which the buyer will probably want to strip, so it’s actually worth less than an unpainted figure. It’s a curious little paradox, but there are simply two markets for miniatures on ebay. They either have to be painted to a professional standard or with as little paint as possible. Anything in between is a waste of time.


I agree with most peoples here on the whole “pro-painted” vibe, its entirely subjective. Most things i pick up from ebay (if and when i do) its going directly into the stripper. I have yet to purchase a model from there for the “pro-painted” aspect.

As a artist myself, i have sold painted minatures, been commissioned to paint so by pure definition i fall into the pro catagory, but i dont classify myself as such. You can do a pro paintjob on a mini with 15-20 min., but generally speaking your not doing the same level of quality/richness of work as one who toils for hours on just a face or 45min of freehand embellishment.

In the experiences that i have had, there were commissions for what i would call speed painting minis which were paid out at a rate of 3-5 dollars per mini (mini’s were supplied) and 7 for characters with extra attention. I have sold individual show/display type peices (mini’s supplied by me) for upwards of 50 dollars. It all depends on the mini, the market, the target audience, and individual time and creativity. That being said i have never felt i recooped the investment i put into a mini - but to be fair thats not why i paint the mini in the first place.

All in all there is a huge grain of salt to be had with the “hey i have these pro-painted minis i am selling.” Additionally, and i realise your working on this, quality pics of your pro-paints would a do a heap of justice to your question of value. A friend of mine used a general rule of thumb to painting a mini - essentially double the cost of the mini. Center peices if you wanted extra time and attention to them 3x the cost. Then there is additional menu of additional special services for that something extra special.