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Alright, im selling a few of my things (Pro painted), how much should they sell for?


Ive heard the price doubles.


Uh, that would very much depend on the model and buyer I guess… I wouldnt buy a painted model for another purpose than stripping it and repaint it.

Do you have any pics?


Off topic in a way, but I always find it odd the use of ‘pro’ painted. Traditionally that would mean done by a professional (someone with a profession). These days it seems that is not relevant.

It all depends on the quality of the painting, some ‘pro painted’ models are a lot better than others. I have seen some slayers going for £60 each…


Some models that are merely “painted” are often described as “pro-painted” and definitely aren’t… Buyer beware.


Well, lets take my Nobz for example. It takes me 15-20 minutes to paint one, and i use 20+ color’s. Ill get pictures in the morning.


I’m very wary about “pro-painted”. I’m getting harder and harder to impress these days, and when I look for figures I usually intend on stripping them if they’re painted… so unpainted is preferred in my case. shrug Some will think like me, so it could limit your market too.


15-20 mins for an entire model? Yow… I must be doing something wrong spending 3-5 hrs on a model.


All i do is put on a but of music, most likely in french (Trying to learn french), and paint. 20 min max, for a boy. Nobz are 20 min, and i spend HOURS on on Lords+Hero’s. I can paint maybe 5 boyz a day, if i rush.


All i do is put on a but of music, most likely in french (Trying to learn french), and paint. 20 min max, for a boy. Nobz are 20 min, and i spend HOURS on on Lords+Hero's.  I can paint maybe 5 boyz a day, if i rush.

well, 20mins a miniature is lightning speed, I don't think "pro" painted applies to that but I'm willing to admit I'm wrong if you proof me otherwise (If so I definetly demand a tutorial on how you achieve it!).

Like the others said, "pro painted" is a widely used term these days. Many use it just to boost their sales.

As a guideline, while there are several really well painted miniatures in the blogs on this site, there is not a single "pro painted" one from how I understand the term.

In general, a miniature looses value once it is painted, unless rhe painting is exeptional (pro painted). In these cases the value of a miniature is easily quadrupled (and more). Still, usually the price doesn`t match the effort.

you can look on coolminiornot for examples
top 10 = pro painted: value increase greatly
rating 8+ = good quality, value increase roughly 3 to 4 times
rating <8 = good work but no value increase

just as an example, I consider the following miniature to be "pro painted" (not mine of course)


i am with you so.sad the term is over used on ebay way to much these days, also there are some great examples of pro painting on this site that i have seen, the value of models are also increased by good conversion work but it has to be such that to look at it you think the model was made that way like the one that so.sad has found that is pro painted and pro converted and would go for alot of money if sold, hope to see some of your pics soon Joshmohr :slight_smile:


Ill do picts soon. It is only 1:53 here, and im a bit dazed, so i cannot find my Camera…


I think cool mini or not is harsh… They looks like they judge a but overcritical.


I think cool mini or not is harsh... They looks like they judge a but overcritical.

I would agree to some extent with that assessment. It sorta reminds me of "am I hot or not" sites where there were...other... factors as play as to what was considered "hot".

The most important thing is good photos however. And humility. You may think you are the world's greatest painter but odds are you aren't. Though that doesn't mean you aren't a very good one.

I also agree that you are unlikely to get the effort from the miniature painting back. However if you can paint well and reasonably fast then that is the way to go, single exceptional models won't cut it. Its the good stuff in quantities that makes painting studios go around.

I actually think one is better of selling unpainted converted miniatures then painted ones.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

A miniature painted in 15-20 minutes definitely does not deserve the attribute “pro painted”. Sorry. I even consider it impossible to reach a pro finish within this short amount of time. So go ahead and prove me wrong. :wink:

The 'Eavy Metal team are pro painters (in every sense of the word) and they spend days working on a regiment - a character model can take days, not hours to get painted by a pro painter. The result are perfectly smooth shades and highlights, clean freehands and an overall neat finish.


Well ill take pictures within the hour; then ill post them… I’ll use my Iphone, but it may be slightly blurry… Cant find my camera lol.


Well ill take pictures within the hour; then ill post them.. I'll use my Iphone, but it may be slightly blurry..  Cant find my camera lol.

I'm looking forward to see your pictures :)

no pictures? too bad, I was really interested in seeing something...


I’m still waiting on those pics, so I’m reserving judgement until then


Heh im trying to get the picts. Its hard to do when my camera is lost. Id use my iphone, but low quality. Ill see if my friend have one i can use…


I think the phrase “pro painted” is pretty much just a running joke on eBay now.