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Mad Dave:

Hi Guys

so ive been trying for a few weeks now to take some good pics of my chaos dwarf army and post it up on here but i’m having problems with the quality of the photos. I’m probably causing problems for myself by using a Ipod camera :(. i hoping to borrow a better camera at the weekend from the in-laws.

Has anyone here got any tips or any sites that are worth a look at for taking good pics of my miniatures as all my efforts are turning out pix-elated or grainy.

Thommy H:

Yeah, you need a proper digital camera, with a macro setting. Anything else just won’t be good enough.


I found these here very helpful, look especially for posts by Mahon: http://chestofcolors.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=24

The Besieger:

take the pictures of your army ouside :slight_smile:

Check my first photos in my army bolg and then the later photos of the

same units ouside. http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1938

Blue in VT:

Quality of camera is certainly a big issue…decent number of mega pixels and a macro mode are huge pluses…that said I’ve taken totally passable pictures with my iPhone camera…they just keep getting better and better.  the other important factors are having enough light and camera stability.  You could probably get decent pics if you had enough light (2-3 desk lamps with daylight 25-30w compact florescent would work) and set you ipod on a stable surface…tripod is ideal but not really feasible with an iPod so setting it on a stack of books would work too.

Below is an example of a picture I took with my iPhone…it is possible!

Good luck!



Mad Dave:

Cheers for the info guys i’ll give it ago and see how it turns out. :slight_smile:


Blue, you took that with your iPhone!? A question: are you using the HDR setting?

Goltor Lintrepide:

Didn’t read the thread, just the title. Think this could help :