[Archive] Project and showcase: slavic VC


After months without any project, Ive decided to start an old idea: an “eastern europe” vampire counts army. The basic idea so far is to make half the army alive and half the army dead, and use as much kislevites as I can. I will post them here. Until then, opinions and suggestions are most welcome.


Nice idea :slight_smile: I’m looking foreward to see some pictures! I’m making an VC army myself, and I like the idea about multi national VC armies… so get started and post us some pictures :slight_smile:


I’l post my work so far this weekend if I can.

Also a question: How to paint skin for undeads? I’ve tried for this army but I’ve never had to paint dead meat before.


I tried to look for some guides, but found none unfortunately… I haven’t painted any vampire for my own army yet… but with my zombies I just tried my way to a result I liked… using elf flesh, rotting flesh and bleach bone (I think that’s all - maybe some green ink)… in different layers. I think my vampires are just gonna be pale - painted like normal flesh just lightened up even more :slight_smile:

So I’d say practice finding the perfect undead skin tone, that you like - that’s more unique than just painting after guides :wink:


My work so far (less time than ever). I resolve to sacrifice some cossaks from my kislev contingent, and I found some more kossars.

I’m pretty much improvising the aspect of the unit. The only thing I know is that I dont want to give them a commun colour pattern.

As for the necromancer and the wraiths, they are my first undead minis. I’m still not sure about the skin colour for the undeads.


Wow :o that idea is really really good :slight_smile:

My favorite is the one (I thing is made) on an older flagellant.

- Keep up the great work mate :cheers


The conversions look great. For the undead sking I would try using either green or blu inks to make the flesh look more rotten.

Kera foehunter:

great stuff like the old world look . i like the old guy with the skull.