[Archive] Proof of Dark angels in 6th edition starter set!


Well, how I wonder:

(btw this came from a friend over facebook) On the sides of the last few

White dwarfs!

This is an amazing way to let it out, without making it too obvious!


Thommy H:

They’re also on the cover of the new edition of 40K. So it may actually be a teaser for that instead…


Well they did put them in the paint set, so thats a good indication


If The speculations hold true it will be a phenomenal way to start a fallen dark angels force.


Yeah! Or an addition to a current CSM one!

Hashut’s Blessing:

The guy on the side of White Dwarfs (which I thought people had known for many months now, lol) doesn’t prove they’re in the starter set, just something’s coming up for them. The fact they’re in the paint set and on the cover of the book implies they will be in it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

The rumours have been pretty consistent so far though. Dark Angels vs. Chaos in the starter set, or possibly two different sets with one army each and lots of terrain.


I hope this means more history/info on the elusive Cyber…


I hope this means more history/info on the elusive Cyber........



That would be very interesting to read about.

Ugly Green Trog:

Just don’t get your hopes up too much, at best they will be generic marines painted as DA on all the artwork etc. There is no way even GW would be daft enough to limit their market for the new starter kit by making the models look to dark angelsy as DA are too niche and it would put many other marine players off. I’m hoping maybe for some new plastic bikes in the box but other than this I believe it will be dark angels in a similar way that 2nd was BA, 3rd was BT and 4th n 5th were Ultrasmurfs.

Thommy H:

The models in the painting set have moulded Dark Angels symbols on their shoulder pads. Remember that Dark Angels have their own Codex so they’re technically a different army from Space Marines.


I already have a full 4th and 1st company of DA’s as well as Ravenwing and vehicles. I am still gonna get more (stupid me)


@ Silentbob27: Have no fear, you are not alone. The 5th is here in Germany with half the 1st and vehicles & Ravenwing. And they will acquire more elements.


Yeah, I also have a sizable Rogue Trader era DA army too. I am hoping for Jetbikes to be in the new codex, so I can whip those babies out again.


As a space wolves player, all this talk of dark angels is nigh on heretical…

Feel the power of Russ and drink some mead…

Thommy H:

New 40K is out tomorrow, and some of the pictures of pages from the book on the GW website show the Dark Angels spread in the colour section. No new models on those pages, unfortunately. Still, they’re obviously a strong focus going into this edition.