[Archive] Proud owner of a hat army!


I am proud to say I just picked up a hat army from a friend of mine.

20x Hat warriors including some plastics painted

10x Blunderbusses painted

10x Blunderbusses painted

10x Bull Centaurs (one is a BloodBowl one, so he will need replacing) painted

1x Earthshaker painted.

1x Earthshaker, New in unopened box.

12x Oglah Khan’s Hobgoblin Wolf Boyz

2x Sorceror/Hero painted

1x Hobgoblin BigBoss painted

1x Astragoth, primed.

I have 30x Black Orcs to add to this army as well, and will be picking up 10x Hobgoblin Archers as well.

Now to find that Taurus and Lammasu, and maybe the Death Rocket!

I am rather excited

The Flying Beaver:

Good find dabiggrotsboss! Here’s to hoping you have fun with 'em!


The Blood Bowl BC is cool, I bought one specifically to be my unit champion. You should keep him.

Tell us how you get on with your first few battles.


Damn, that was one great deal. you got a complete army more or less. Only need one of those lords now. Welcome here, another chaos dwarf that has been born

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well done, sir! I envy thee greatly!

Uzkul Werit:

So many people with the Big Hat plastics! livid with envy

For a Death Rocket, a 40K Zzap Gun with a little work should do the job.


w00t! Nice grab! Praise Hashut!


Thanks all!

So far my record (from a tournament):

Massacre v. High Elves (eats Elves for breakfast!)

Minor Loss v. Bretonnians (missed the draw by 7 pts!)

Minor Loss v. Skaven (missed the draw by 11pts!)

Overall, the performance has been excellent, especially the blunderbusses and the Earthshaker “Glue Gun”.

Highly entertaining army.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Earthshaker “Glue Gun”? Is that the name because it slows them all down or something?


Earthshaker "Glue Gun"? Is that the name because it slows them all down or something?

Hashut's Blessing
Indeed, that is what is has been dubbed. Brettonian charge? Not so much.


Hehe, Glue Gun is a funny name.


Like the Glue Gun notion, but it sounds a bit, well… Empire doesn’t it? Welcome to the Chaos Dwarfs, thats one damn sweet deal you got there!


Any pics?


I’ll see if I can get some up soon. Not my painting, as it came done, so they will get stripped, but at least for now they are good.


And today I increased my wins column by a Minor Victory over a Slaanesh Chaos army.

Run, chaos, run!


congratulation, always nice with a win :slight_smile:


Very good, next you can progress to Khorne armies