[Archive] Proxying my army in AoS


So until forgeworld catches up I will need to proxy my beloved Chaos Dwarfs as something else so here is what I am thinking.

Sorceror Prophet on Bale Taurus - Chaos Sorceror Lord on Manticore

Daemonsmith - dwarf master engineer

Castellan - Chaos Lord

Infernal guard - toss up between ironbreakers and chaos warriors

Iron Daemon - steamtank

Kdaii destroyer - slaughter brute

Bull centaurs - skullcrushers

Hobgoblins - who cares really, no points means not worrying about cheap unit options but night goblins I suppose as those are the models I use.

Magma Cannon - flame cannon

Things I might add - black orcs or maybe a contingent of dark elf slavers


I’ve been using a mix of warriors and dwarfs with the dwarfen keywords order and disposed replaced with chaos and slaves to darkness respectively.

Manticores, while a decent fit kinda suck.

Infernals as ironbreakers and hammerers are nuts!

By swapping the keywords they can take advantage of the foot sorcerers spell

For rerolling 1s.

Hellcannons and flame cannons are nasty.

Also avoid fighting nagash, that guy is crazy. If you do lay him low with hellcannons