[Archive] Public Apology

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I would like to apologise to CDO

It has seemed over the last few months that I have been neglecting the site and all of it’s lovely members :frowning:

It all started around Christmas when l being only a wee small lad got caught up in all the festive cheer and soon I grew apart from the internet altogether and when I did go back on I felt a though I wasn’t wanted and when the rest of you were having a great time I felt like I needed to apologise befor getting back into the sprit of the CD and all there sadistic, fun little games but because this is me I took longer then expected.

So now I’m back still with my Orcish ways and witty banter alot has passed since I last came on first I’ve been elavated to superviser at my local club (which means I can hit all the little kids without been told off :P) and as my green hoard gets larger I am starting to win most of my games :slight_smile:

So to all members of CDO do you except my apology? If so I will start to bring back the former glorly that is Godbob

Thank you :hat off


Welcome back Godbob, no apology is needed, its good to have you with us again :slight_smile:


I’m with Loki… none needed. We all get distracted!

Welcome back!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Welcome back again. Sometimes Time itself is the biggest distractor.

Keep on truckin’

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good you’re back now, matey. Been too long!


Felony is not a quality in chaos dwarf world?

Happy comeback for new menbers ^^


welcome back!

and on a similar note, i too seem to have returned from a brief spell neglecting this wonderful forum, therefore, i add my apology to mr godbob’s!


Kera foehunter:

Come on god bob everyone love you !!! i think since you and hb where out doing cake robbing!!!

since you both came back at the same time !! and both left at the same time !!