[Archive] Pyro, the Elite


Pyro has reached Elite status! Our 4th member to do so (5th if you include me)!

A while back, Pyro asked me if he could have his own custom title, so I said, “Well, get 1000 posts and I will let you have one.” And then he vowed to do so. Well, he has done it! And you can find his 1000th post here:

Cheers to Pyro! :cheers



Great job Pyro! Have one on me! :cheers

Pyro Stick:

Wooooo!! 1000 posts!!! I finally got 999 posts and then couldnt find anything to post so i had to wait about 2 hours to take pics and upload them. Well at least i finally got 1000 and a custom title.

Kera foehunter:

Great job Pyro WOW what a title!!!


Congrats! Welcome to the elite my friend. I laughed cause I saw you hovering at 999 for quite a while. figured you must have been busy.

Looks like Kera is next…

Pyro Stick:

I cant believe how keras post count has rocketed. I could swear she has only been here about a month.


Congratultions Pyro ,may take me a while to get there i read alot more than i write:hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Congratulations, Pyro. Enjoy the title. I’m quite sure you will :wink:


As long as it doesn’t turn into a competition with people posting meaningless stuff to increase their post count.


Well done mate, I guess thats one member of the elite for every 100 members, sounds about right…


some posts deleted

Please stay on topic guys. :slight_smile:

AGPO makes a good point, hehe.


Congrats Pyro - it’s well-deserved:hat off


throws some Hobgoblin servants overboard to make room for Pyro on the luxury yacht used only by elite members

Welcome aboard, Pyro :cheers