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Heres the last addition to my update of the old 3rd edition warmachines rules to 7th edition. All of my updated rules are now available in one place here:

Pyro’s Fan Rules

If you go to the Early Chaos Dwarfs page in the Wiki i have also added the original stats for the Crossbowmen.

The Swivel Gun! Updated from rules in WD 108:

Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun

The Chaos Dwarf Swivel Gun is a light, portable cannon which only requires a crew of two Chaos Dwarfs to operate. Unlike heavier cannons which fire a solid ball, the Swivel Gun fires blasts of shrapnel. The secret of the Swivel Guns is its breech-loading mechanism; the gun has an ingenious breech block which can be detached from the rest of the barrel and loaded with a charge of gunpowder and a variety of shrapnel, lead shot, pebbles, nails, rusty iron scrap, chains, broken bottles and even coins can be stuffed into the breech block. Each gun comes with two breech blocks so that a spare charge can be loaded while the first shot is aimed and discharged. The breech block is simply inserted into the rest of the barrel and wedged tight before firing.

The Swivel Gun�?Ts effect is devastating. The shrapnel inflicts hits on enemy troops within a broad arc of fire. This wide arc of fire, and the weapons mobility in the hands of experienced operators, make the Swivel Gun an excellent weapon for providing close artillery support.

Unlike normal cannons which can discharge a ball through several ranks, the shrapnel firing Swivel Gun scatters shot among the nearest rank of a target unit.


The Swivel Gun may be carried by its crew without any movement penalties for Difficult Terrain. One crew member carries the tripod, the other carries the gun. Both crew members are required to carry the weapon and its ammunition. If either crew member is killed the weapon cannot be fired. The remaining crew member is moved in the same way as an independent character.

Because the Swivel Gun needs to be loaded with a charged breech block, the crew may not move and fire. The gun may swivel on the spot so that it is pointing in the direction of its intended target.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

If Charged the Swivel Gun crew may Stand and Fire or may Hold. The crew may not run away unless they deliberately abandon the Swivel Gun and its ammunition. The crew can recover the Swivel Gun later. The crew may fight normally when engaged in hand-to-hand combat.


The Swivel Gun may fire within a 180 Degree arc draw from the firing model. The shot from the gun will be blocked by any intervening terrain.

To fire the Swivel Gun take a tape measure and measure and expand it to 12�?�, the Swivel Gun�?Ts range. Place one end of the tape measure at the gun�?Ts mouth and position the tape over a target model in the nearest rank of the enemy unit. The target model and the unit must be within the gun�?Ts 180 degree arc of fire. The shrapnel fired from the Swivel Gun his the target model and D6 models either side of it, causing 1 hit on each model. Therefore, between 3 and 13 models can be hit by a single shot. Only models in the rank nearest to the gun can be hit. Shrapnel does not penetrate into rear ranks like a Bolt Thrower, even if the nearest rank is mown down before all the hits are used up.


The Swivel Gun required a crew of two Chaos Dwarfs.

Crew Loss:

Swivel Gun crews are expert gunners who cannot be replaced with other regular Chaos Dwarf, but a spare crew member may join another gun and act as a reserve crew member. A single crew member may not operate or carry the weapon.

Missile Fire:

Missiles, including Magic Missiles, may only be directed against the crew.

Swivel Gun Units

A unit of Swivel Guns can contain up to four Teams of Swivel Guns. An army can include up to two full units of Swivel Guns. A Team consists of two or more Chaos Dwarf gunners and one Swivel Gun. The gunners must remain in base contact with each other. A character may join the unit and act as its Champion. The leadership of the unit becomes that of the character. The team members may turn without movement penalty, move over difficult terrain, move over obstacles and turn to face a charge. The team may associate with a friendly unit, as long at it doesn�?Tt exceed the unit max of 4 teams per unit, and it is bound by the rules for joining and leaving units, just like characters.


Points Per Team: 50



3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Crew are equipped with Light Armour and Hand Weapons.

Swivel Gun:

Range: 12�?�

Strength: 6

Save Mod. : -2


Crew may have Heavy Armour at 3 points per model.

A Team may include a Reserve Gunner at a cost of 9 points.