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I have one question about army general…

I don’t remamber in wich ed. (4,5) (or it was our house rule-I don’t remember) was rule in witch - when general die all army or only this regiments in range must take ld test or panic.

I looking in cdo and in rules but I don’t find it…

Could someone tell me:

This rule exist? or this was only our house rule ? :slight_smile:

(It was about 10… years ago…)

And fast second Q: :slight_smile:

- do you know where I can find Ravening Rordes rules?

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:


5th edition had army wide panic tests when the general died, iirc.


Yep, 4th and 5th had that rule.

The Ravening Hordes rules can be found if you do a google search. Note that it is just two pages worth, anything else is probably a fan list.


I think that our member BilboBaggins has the Ravening Hordes Rules - just PM him! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Brain:

To the best that I can remember it was 3rd or 4th that was the last to have it. I think they got rid of it by 5th and I a sure it was gone by RH. It was fun to watch whole armes fly off the table, the only think close now is the vampire crumble rule or the Dogs of War paymaster.


Thank you very much for the answers. It is a pity that this principle was eliminated.

It was fun to watch whole armes fly off the table
It took some realism from the game.

Thanks Zanko, I will PM to him.