[Archive] Quality resin?


The resin I’ve been using for years (that is still got about 1/3 left) is rubbish I’ve decided. If I leave resin casts touching any sort of plastic it melts it.

Which is very frustrating to say the least.

So the next time I order some resin I will swap to something very high quality. Anyone recommend something that doesn’t melt plastic?


It melts plastic? You mean while the resin is setting?

Da Crusha:

wish I could help but my experience with resin is extremely limited.


No, after the resin is long cured.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve never heard of that happening before.  I use this and I have no issues like that.

Grimbold Blackhammer


That sounds really strange…

I use resin from Smooth-on. Smooth-Cast 300 to be precise. It works great, although a slightly longer setting time might be better, because I sometimes feel I don’t have enough time to get rid of bubbles. A longer cure time would give me more time to tap 'n squeeze the mold to try and get bubbles out.

Downside is of course that you have to wait longer before you can do another cast.

A small tip if you do go with Smooth-on; be sure to clean the lid after using part A (yellow bottle). The lid tends to get stuck.

By the way, I’ve only ever used this product. So maybe there’s better stuff to get, but I think this is about as good as it gets.


Smooth-on is what I’ve been keeping an eye on, but I was curious if there’s anything else better.

Incidently, does anyone know of a resin that’s naturally grey (without colouring)?


Polycraft 10Kg General Purpose Casting Resin from Mb Fibreglass, sales@mbfg.co.uk, alternatively, you can call them on 02890 861992 or write to us at Mb Fibreglass, Unit 3 Abbey Business Park, Mill Road, New town abbey, BT36 7EE, Northern Ireland

APPEARANCE = Clear pink/purple liquid resin (unpigmented I use gloss grey oil based paint for my pigments)

Orthophthalic unsaturated polyester
Low reactivity
Able to accept high filler loading
Controlled rate of cure
Controlled shrinkage

Hand pour casting with fillers
Machine casting with filler

Decorative casting �?" synthetic marble (suitable for thick sections)
General filled mouldings LIQUID RESIN PROPERTIES
(Typical values)
Rotothinner viscosity at 25°C: 3.4 �?" 4.0 dPa.s
Volatile content: 36 �?" 40%
Reactivity at 25°C , 1% MEKP 50
Gel time: 14 �?" 18 minutes

can be de moulded within 30 mins

Dispatch Time is great their website says they aim to dispatch all orders recieved before 1pm the same working day. If you require your item to be dispatched urgently please contact us before ordering.

UK Delivery Time Item is dispatched by DPD 48HR, delivery time is normally a 2 business day service however this is not a guaranteed service. If delivery time is crucial please contact us before ordering and we can discuss delivery options.

Personaly I have had stuff from these guys well within the 48 hour mark and often they are quicker than most UK based operations.

Customer support is first class and they will bend over backwards to help ou out!