[Archive] Question about Golden Hat entry


I am torn between 3 different war machines I have almost finished, as to which one I should enter into golden hat 8. I believe all of them are creative enough to be worthy of entering… This is what I have to choose between…

Choice #1 =
A Daem-adon (Daemon-posessed Stegadon with an extremely daemonic face) with a mounted battle cannon on top, plus an extremely spikey haddock with chaos dwarf crew and a swirling portal gateway to the chaos realm at the back (complete with daemons clawing out of it). Rules-wise this can only legally be used as a DOW Ogre mounted on Rhinox, but would also make a great rampaging hellcannon! The model is based from the new plastic stegadon kit, but is EXTREMELY HEAVILY converted and re-sculpted.

Choice #2 =
A fully-fleshed living daemon-cannon (started as an old black plastic photo film canister tube… so you can imagine the size), with a giant and extra-long fanged maw that spits out daemon fire/ichor/blasts whatever… Rules-wise I am building this to be my Hellcannon (as I don’t wanna have to pay 50 dollars online for the metal one… even though I should just to show GW there is a market for CDs).

Choice #3 =
A Death Rocket built from the 40k Chaos Defiler battle cannon (with the daemon-bound face-plate on it), spikey-maced wheels placed on the sides, other spikey and chaos-y bitz attached… a rocket sticking out of the cannon mouth, and it is a cute little beauty of a death rocket… I honestly think it looks just like as if it were the official GW 7th edition CD death rocket.

So the questions I have are…

A. Which would you guys like to see the most?

B. Do you have to include the crew?
(though I probably will no matter what…)

C. Can you enter multiple warmachines? (I know… a bit extreme… and painting would probably limit me from doing this… but I am really torn as which to pick)


A. I think I’d rather see the C option. I haven’t seen som many of those and yours sounds like it could be cool. But on the other hand option A sounds like a lot of fun too.

B. In the GH8 rules thread it says that you have to include a minimum of two crew (they don’t have to be actual crew though but could be a hobgoblin slave just hanging onto a marauder wirlwind or whatever).

C. It was ruled out in the above mentioned thread that each member can only enter one machine.

I hope this helped you. :slight_smile:


Kera foehunter:

well i put the best one in!!


To the following points:

B) Yes it must include crew

c) Only one entry per person.


ok cool. but now i’d really just like to know which option you guys would like me to enter the most!

also, i forgot to ask, am I allowed to show pictures of the WIP of my entry before i enter it… that way you guys can decide from pics i have so far??



Roll a dice if you cant decide…


Well, I’d say number 1 for sheer awesomeness, but then again, teh fact you have 3 days means I’d probably say 3…


Che- your best bet is to just send them in to the gold hat account; tipping your hand tends to lessen the impact of your entry.


Che: I’d say 1 or 3. They all do have a certain coolness factor.

Practically? Whatever you can get done. IT’s not like you can’t post the other two for us to ooh and ahh at. :slight_smile: When in doubt… roll the dice… and do the opposite! :P  

Good luck.


tipping your hand tends to lessen the impact of your entry.

I agree.  An early reveal can cost you dearly reducing the impact (hits) and surprise of your entry.  You shouldn't give away so much!


No matter which mini you will take for GH 8, please show us the others!

They all sound very cool!


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Yeah, and he REALLY tipped a LOT! If i devoted myself to it, I COULD build his entries and do it better! However, I’m not like that.


take the first and show us the others…NOW!!!

your descriptions catched my attention,in my mind some really cool pictures rise up…

Kera foehunter:

send me the pictures !!i will help you decide

Hashut’s Blessing:

The first one is the most unique for Chaos Dwarfs, but ultimately, enter your favourite. If you’re more about the winning than showing, then choose your best.

You MUST include a minimum of two crew, even if they;re modelled onto the machine.

Only ONE entry is allowed.


You MUST include a minimum of two crew, even if they;re modelled onto the machine.

Hashut's Blessing
That just begs the question of "what counts as crew?" Is a "driver" a crewman? Is a bound daemon a driver or crewman? The mind boggles...

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Two dudes. Their actions are irrelevent! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

The driver would definitely. If the daemon is bound, no.


Honestly though… you gotta admit, the daemon-possessed stegadon does seem like he could count as part of the crew, as he’s carrying the warmachine on his back :slight_smile:

I didn’t know telling your idea ahead of time could lessen the impact. oh well, i don’t think i have a risk of someone copying since there is so little time. Fortunately all of these projects are almost finished so that I could enter any one of them as long as I dedicate the rest of the time to only one of them.

I’ll probably go with the Daem-adon cannon as it seems to be the favorite, although I gotta admit the living hellcannon is really cool looking so far.


Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say the Stegadon definitely doesn’t count as crew. It;s a draft beast, not utilised in the firing, activation, nor aiming/control of the item.