[Archive] Question: Does the fact one plays Chaos Dwarfs increase appearance scores?


I’d personally like to think my new Chaos Dwarf army is fairly good looking. While it’s got nothing on Snotling and a couple others, I like to think it is good looking.

I won Best Overall two weeks ago with a 13 out of 15 for appearance if I remember correctly. Yesterday I won Best Appearance in Iowa. Earlier this year my old Chaos Dwarfs won Best Appearance.

I’d say I won it legitimately yesterday, but still. Does the fact I am playing Chaos Dwarfs have a severe impact of how people judge the appearance, or no more then is justified with the conversion work put into it?

Just wondering what people think.


i think it plays a role in it, but i think that its pretty easy to spot the “goodies” on a chaos dwarf model becuase the rarity and all, but if you put a lot work on it it shows

Thommy H:

I think, by necessity, collecting and painting a Chaos Dwarf army requires greater effort than other armies. If you show up with an Empire army, you have to do something special to make people go “oooh, cool!”, but Chaos Dwarfs - of any standard - have that factor right from the start, simply because they aren’t supported.


Well, yes. When you see three well painted Chaos armies, a nicely painted and converted empire army, and a well painted chaos dwarf army. You’re drawn to the Chaos Dwarfs, because it’s something you don’t see every day.

It doesn’t mean your army isn’t well painted or worthy of winning the prizes, but if you take an army you see regularly like Dwarfs or Chaos that’s painted to the same standard as an army you don’t see often like Chaos Dwarfs, then Chaos Dwarfs stick out in your mind.

It’s the same reason why well converted and painted armies do better than well painted stock armies in painting and overall scores.


Yeah, I have to agree. There most likely is some positive bias for CDs.

I guess the basic assumption is you really are a keen modeller to get hold of some Big Hats.

Kera foehunter:

I think that its the off the normal of the new cd

that people are in all with !! its take more talent to stand up when you have a army that

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It pobably doesn’t hurt IMHO. Thommy hit the nail on the head: because you play chaos dwarfs it shows a bit more devotion. But to play CDs? It takes more, a lot more. Whether it is time, money or both.


a novel army is always going to recieve a bit of a boost, but only a small one. I daresay you deserved the award as your painting and modelling always comes into those things more than just the fact you play a rare army.


Sure but a well painted CD army is going to garner even more attention.