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I wanted to know if techlly a part of chaos dwarfs can actlly be used with the fantasy chaos book in away to have daemons and such.

I’m never to sure with fantasy sense I only started a few weeks ago in that series of GW.

Any awsers would be helpful!


Thommy H:

No, the Chaos Dwarf and Hordes of Chaos armies are completely distinct.


So if I’m getting this right… Chaos Dwarfs are mostlly just slave traders then?



The Chaos Hellcannon model can be used as a rare choice in Chaos Armies, but no other chaos dwarf units can. You could however, convert some chaos dwarfs and use them as Dogs of War Dwarfs in a Chaos army.


- Kyte


Well I had a interesting idea for a chaos spawn and a chaos daemon prince for the chaos dwarfs army but if they are not of that kind of “chaos” then I guess they are just slave traders or somthing. :mask

Thommy H:

Chaos Dwarfs are a unique force with their own background. Though their title contains the term ‘Chaos’ and they are known to ally with other Chaos forces, they are an army of their own with totally unique troop types. In fact, they share several units with Orcs and Goblins, rather than Chaos.


interresting stuff I figured they could have chaos troops and or daemons with them. But I was wrong on that part and I thank ya for the info if there is any thing else in info yaknow just reply and I will get back to ya tonight after work (has to leave T_T :mad ) Anyways, take care and I will defentlly be starting a few fantasy armys now after knowing more about them and there defrences.

~Techwing :mask


The Chaos Dwarfs aren’t Chaos in the sense that they worship a Chaos God. They’re Chaos Dwarfs because when Chaos entered the world, they were changed by it (tusks and such) and eventually soured into a bitter slave empire.


Well the idea I had I still want to do so I’m problly going to be ending up doing the idea which is make a costom daemon prince and lesser daemons and a few chaos spawns and or posessed chaos dwarfs as far as I want to try in that matter but for the first part is by following xar’s how to make chaos dwarfs using battle for skullpass dwarfs. From there how ever if I deside not to follow my idea by then I will problly just follow the normal chaos dwarven rules and such.:wink:

And sorry on how I am as soon as I get a idea I stick to it as far as I see how I can do it. If I can’t… Then I never do the idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I will be soon modeling a chaos dwarf lord (starting tuesday I hope) so I will give ya all a update in the section of convert or somthing.:idea

Later all! :cheers