[Archive] questions about RH n DOW


are we still allowed to plaay with our beloved dwarfs?(from what i’ve red its a no but theres stil hope! )

and are the DOW rules still avalible or are they removed to?


'Course we can play with them, 'tis not like they can stop us!

But if i am not misstaken, they aren’t allowed in most GW tournaments. But most playes i’ve met accept them as a standard army.


The list is still legal, although it is up to the discretion of individual tournament organisers as to whether they allow it to be used or not.


okey, i know they let me play them in my “local” store i was just asking to see how leagal the lists were


The lists are still “legal” so to speak, esp if you follow gw’s trend to allow previous editions to be valid until new versions are written. So, with chaos dwarfs being a valid entry/list in the ravening hordes they are legal until legal isnt legal anymore.

Granted, with the loss of knowledge, as many have mentioned… most tournies and such do not recognize nor accept RH any longer. Its an individual event decision really, as defined by the organizers. If they have any real knowledge of GeeW products and lines then RH chaos dwarfs wont be an issue. If they are new to the events and GeeW lines as a whole - then they may not know about RH and dismiss it as an invalid list.

But truth be told and shy’ed away from by new GeeW staffers… its a valid legal list. The fact that they never updated RH isnt our problem nor theirs. Their precedent to allow previous editions to count and be viable in newer edition play is the foundation for chaos dwarfs to continue in its legality of use.

If i remember correctly there was something mentioned in RH that said the armies in this may be replace by future more formal publications of said armies at which time those books would take precedent over the RH list. As such since CD’s have not been updated with a more formal version army book the RH still stands.

In any case though, if your friends and frenemies allow them, as well as the places you play then they are as legal as necessary as long as your using the once published and available RH and FAQ supplements. Fan lists of course are a different breed of cd altogether.


thats great thanks. :cheers:)