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Quick game last night with a guy and his High Elves at 800 points this was set by how much stuff he had with him.

I took
Daemonsmith (Lore of Fire)
Infernal Castellan
15 Infernal Guard (Full Command)
3 K�?TDaai Fireborn (Manburner)
Magma Canon
5 Wolf Raiders with bows

He had
Mage (Lvl2)
20 Archers (Full Command)
7 Silver Helms (Full Command)
10 Swordmasters (Full Command)
Reaper Bolt thrower

Set up was the dawn battle (the one where you roll to see if your units set up on the left or right flank or the centre)
Rolling for magic I rolled Flame Storm :slight_smile:
My set up ended up being:
Left Flank
Wolf Raiders
Centre (left to right)
Infernal Guard with Castellan, K�?TDaai, Daemonsmith
Right Flank
Magma Cannon (fortunately that�?Ts also the flank with the hill and where I wanted it anyway)

His set up was (as I looked at it):
Left Flank
Silver Helms
Bolt thrower, Mage, Sword masters
Right Flank

I had First turn.
No charges.
Marched the K�?TDaai and infernal guard as far forward as I could (the K�?TDaai straight at the Sword Masters) Marched the Daemon Smith to within 3�?� of the magma cannon and shuffled the Wolf Raiders forwards to take some pot shots at the at the Silver Helms.

I rolled 6 dice (he had 4 dispel) and made the attempt to cast fire storm, but this was dispelled.

Magma cannon targeted the archers directly opposite and managed to wipe out all of them except 4.
Hobgoblins peppered the Silver helms with shots but failed to bring any down.

His first turn he declared charge on my K�?TDaai but failed to roll sufficient to get them in and declared charge on the wolf raiders who bravely decided to flee, leaving the silver helms out in the open ready for my next turn.

He attempted to cast drain magic and failed ending his magic phase.

He shot at the infernal guard with the bold thrower killing 2 but nothing was in range for the 4 remaining archers.

On to my second tun the K�?TDaai pass their T test and I declared charge with them and he stands with his sword masters.  I rally the Wolf Raiders and turn them back round (hiding behind a hill) and march the Infernal guard forward again.

So at level 1 magic user with one spell to cast I roll a 5 and a 6 and the channel for a grand total of 12 dice.  Using 6 of them I attempt to cast Fire Storm and get an Irresistible Force Fortunately the I get power drain so he�?Ts still alive but then fail my curse of stone T test so loose a wound.
I plop the template on the Silver Helms (biggest threat in Line of sight) and the scatter dice rolls a hit. 3 die.

The Magma Cannon likewise shoots the full 24�?� towards the silver helms.  The artillery dice rolls a misfire but thankfully the Daemonsmith reroll means I get to try again and this time get a 10 which is just enough to get the template to cover the remaining silver helms and all but 1 die (though he passes his morale check).

The K�?TDaai�?Ts Blazing Body rule takes of 3 sword masters before any attacks are made :slight_smile: The sword masters  do 3 wounds themselves then my attacks take one more wound from them so between my charge and his banner he loses by one but holds.

His second turn he declares charge against my Infernal Guard with the one remaining silver helm (?)
He then moved his archers behind a building so they couldn�?Tt be targeted by the Magma Cannon and hot footed his mage into a wood.

I can�?Tt actually remember the magic phase for this turn so I guess it was pretty uneventful.
No shooting

The K�?TDaai�?Ts Blazing Body took another 4 Swordmasters.  Between re-rolling the wounds and the ward save the swordmasters actually did no wounds but then took another wound from the  K�?TDaai�?Ts return attacks. The survivor then fled and was chased down.
The one silver helm did no wounds and was killed.

My turn 3
K�?TDaai unit fails toughness test and takes 2 wounds (leaving one on 1 wound) it declares charge on the Bolt Thrower (4�?� away)
The IG March forward again and the Wolf Raiders start to move around the top of the table to hopefully line up a charge on the archers.

Shooting .
The Wolf raiders take some opportunistic pot shots at the Mage in the wood which kill it despite being in soft cover.

Combat and the K�?TDaai�?Ts Blazing body once again comes up trumps and kill both bolt thrower crew before any blows are struck.

His turn and his 4 archers shoot at the K�?TDaai but fail to wound.

My turn 4 the K�?TDaai pop due to failing their toughness test.
The wolves charge the archers (taking a wound from stand and shoot)

Combat we both kill 2 and thanks to his banner and my charge the result is a draw.

His turn 4

Combat and the elves kill one of the wolf raiders and the other failed to kill any elves and he fled off the board the elves giving chase.

My turn 5 the IG start to move towards the archers but I realise that they’re too far away to reach before the end of the game.

He turned his archers round to face the IG but as all he had left was 2 archers we decided to call it a day.

Interesting game.  The K�?TDaai really did me proud against the Sword Masters even though they did burn out in the end.  The IG and Castellan never even made it into meaningful combat.

The Magma Cannon was the real game winner though taking out two big units (with the help of the Daemonsmith) early on meaning he didn�?Tt really have the units to last the rest of the game. I can see why people reckon they�?Tre overpowered.




In the process of reading but just had to say: 3 k’daai Destroyers… Awesome!

Great well written report. It’s good to see k’daai working well in small units, shame they burnt themselves out though, in a close battle that could change from a win to a draw!

I think the magma cannon is very good(as you’ve proven!) but the reasons for people thinking they’re overpowered is that the daemonsmith reroll makes it much more noticeable in battle. And the dwarf flame cannon is the only similar war machine to compare it to, which is rubbish!

Enjoyed reading it, looks like you didn’t even need the castellan in the end!


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Good win and a nice read.

Did he know he would be playing against chaos dwarfs? It seems odd that he’d choose silver helms rather than dragon princes, even if he might have to proxy.


He did know he was playing against Chaos Dwarfs but his army was a case of what he had. If he’d asked to proxy dragon princes I’d be happy to let him but I don’t think either of us thought that much about it.



Hashut’s Blessing:

Sounds like a good game. Surprised at how much you fit into such a small number of points and can see how deadly our stuff is in such small games.


Great game and report.

Quick question did you do your stomps with the K’daai Fireborn? I probably missed it but it sounded like you forgot to take them in your combats with the Sword Masters


Quick question did you do your stomps with the K'daai Fireborn?


No I totally forgot about the stomp attack :~

I'll try to remember next time.