[Archive] QUICK question!


What would be the best source for mold making? I need a guide, and a list of materials. Thanks! (Dont worry, its just a scratch made CD!)

Pyro Stick:

Please do a search before starting these kind of topics. All these questions (how to strip paint, mould making) have been posted multiple times before:



it’s true, we have a whole boatload of tutorials and samples over in the Ideas and Advice section… I think some have even been stickied :slight_smile:

and the ‘search’ button is at the top right of the page, so you can always take a gander there :slight_smile:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’m glad Pyro knows where all the threads are. Most of us have been here a short time and it’s nice to know we have a reference somewhere.


well, not to sound elitist, but a simple typing of ‘mold making’ in the search function netted me 12 topics that mentioned it… A few minutes in each one would tell you if what you were looking for was in there. If it wasn’t, then a minute more could produce a thread stating, after looking through the mold topics, I couldn’t find one to answer this question… then state the question…