[Archive] Quick to fire pistol and blunderbusses


Hey fellow sons of darkness!

I have a question for you! If I give a pistol to an infernal guard champion in a blunderbuss unit. Does it gives “quick to fire” (since the pistol is 12’’ quick to fire) to the whole unit in a stand and shoot reaction?


No, only the Champ his it with his pistol


No, it doesn’t. And in the case of blunderbusses I can’t see why one would take a pistol in the unit anyways. You want to use the blunderbuss, the more the merrier and the bigger the blunderbuss bonus.

I’m not sure I would bring a deathmask in a blunderbuss unit anyways. They do okay in close combat, but I want them to shoot as much a possible.


I think I might take the pistol as an extra hand weapon. If i have 2 points, why not? Plus he’s still going to shoot his blunderbuss because its the bigger upgrade. He’ll only shoot the pistol in Stand and Shoot situations where the Quick to Fire rule comes into play. Otherwise, its just an extra CC attack.


Thanks! The idea was to be able to “Stand and shoot” even at unit being at 5 inches. I’ve replaced the pistol by naphta bomb, that way I only have 3 inches of non-fire zone.
I often play against a tomb king player that “entomb beneith the sand” or my other friend with Daemon prince who fly too close to allow stand and shoot; that’s why I try to find a solution :wink:


I’m confused by what you mean. I’m pretty sure that Stand and Shoot reactions are not allowed only when a unit is within it’s movement distance of the nominated unit it is charging.

For example, a High Elf eagle has a fly distance of 10". If it is closer to me than 10" than I cannot Stand and Shoot unless I have a quick to fire weapon. The Naptha Bomb does not give you any advantage over the pistol when it comes to stand and shoot.

Unless I’m completely wrong… :slight_smile: I don’t have my book with me so I cannot confirm.


Damn! You are totally right I was doing it all wrong! I do not know why but I thought you could only fire on troops that were more than half the range of my weapon. Thank you very much for the correction!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Naptha Bombs are there so that when you do Stand & Shoot, your fireglaives are in short range and don’t suffer the additional -1 penalty.


Yah the way it works is when you stand and shoot you use the longest range of the shortest range weapon. So while you cant get around being outside of movement, you can take away long range when being charged. So the bombs (costly toys) are worth it on fireglaives so you dont have to bother with long range.

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

thx for pointing out the point of the nafta bomb