[Archive] R.I.P. Donatello


Donatello 1984-2015

Forever a teenager under his shell. Good bye my friend.

Kowabunga dude!



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Don’t know much about TMNT comics, but if they’re anything like DC or Marvel then I’d say don’t shed tears for him - heaven has revolving doors in comicbookland.



might like this




Odd decision for any long-running story, but comic book characters sometimes have a habit of resurrecting. I know nothing about the TMNT comic characters apart from their names and their rat master, and I’m usually much more invested in a good setting than in the characters. Characters come and go, but a good and living setting endures.

So, I guess you could equate others’ reactions to this, with my gut-reaction to the doom of the Warhammer world as we know it in the End Times, with a setting reboot following that. Thankfully, in Warhammer that’s easy to brush off as a possible future or a vision of Chaos, and enjoy the doomsday Ragnarok story as such to the full for what it is. :slight_smile:


That one-armed robot turtle distracts me way too much from the seriousness in the rest of the image.


I need to keep this news from my four-year-old son. Donatello is his favourite TMNT (and mine!). He’ll be gutted when he finds out!