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I don’t know how many of you play the Total War Series but I have recently got my hands on a mod for Medieval 2 called Rage of Dark Gods. It is a shockingly complete reskin of the Warhammer Universe with nearly every faction represented, including, to my immense surprise, the Chaos Dwarfs.

I am pretty blown away to be honest, I think this might be the only representation of Chaos Dwarfs in video games, much less one where you can more or less run your own Chaos Dwarf Empire with all aspects represented.

I know many of you may be looking forward to Total War Warhammer, but I think general consensus that a faction like Chaos Dwarfs will never get an official release, and I don’t think its going to be Mod supported. In that case this may be the only video game ever with Chaos Dwarf representation.

Anyway if anyone knows about this or wants to talk about it or share any tips I would open. The game is hard as minotaur balls, which is just the way a Chaos Dwarf would want it.


Can you get some screenshots? Sounds amazing <3


Now those new Infernal Guards look promising. Last time I played the Medieval II Total War mod, the Chaos Dwarf faction seemed a tad shallow. Gotta redownload it.


Does it work without crashing all the time? last time I checked this mod I still had a lot of bugs, crashes etc. So didn’t even want to bother with it.

But if it’s playable now, I’m gonna get me medieval 2.


The bugs put me off it last time too.


Those skins are sick! Gonna download it now.


Repeated crashes at first, though not necessarily worse than core Total War games, but then suddenly the game crashes every time I load a particular save, effectively wrecking a Chaos Dwarf campaign.


Yeah, I’ve had the same, Admiral. Sooner or later you’re going to encounter some combination of event-triggers in a turn that always crashes your game. Mind you, it’s been about 2 years or so since I last played it.

I did find Chaos Dwarves very easy to play, btw. They have a great starting position and if you conquer the mountains, you’ll have lots of wealth. Also, Blunderbusses are (or were) insanely powerful. I would spread out all my Blunderbusses in a thin line on a hill. They would wreck anything that came close. If anything did get too close, I’d have regular warriors step infront of the firing line while beefy Black Orcs flanked the charges. At the same time I’d have some Hobgoblin Wolf Riders swinging around for rear-charges and causing more panic. I’ve gone up against insane odds like that, and pulled off wins. Kinda fun, but also kinda unrealistic.

On the other hand, the game has some annoying bugs, which I think are actually inherent to Total War, not the mod. For example, iirc Blunderbusses can’t shoot down a wall during a siege. Vanilla dwarves had similar problems. They had a unit of fire-bomb throwers that could throw AoE bombs at short range. Perfect for throwing down a wall you’d say, but nope… couldn’t do it. In fact I think they’d throw against the wall they were standing on, killing themselves.

As a Chaos Dwarf, my solution was to quickly rush outside in case of a siege, line up my firing line and weather the storm. Usually worked…


The version I am playing now (1.6) seems to be relatively bug free with only a few problems. When you start the campaign it freezes for a while just when it loads and you have to wait a while for it to start (though it always unfreezes) Loading screens take an annoying long time, and crashes do happen, though they are somewhat rare. In short, it is playable, and much less bug prone than it was a few releases ago.

Also there are no bull centaurs. Besides making me sad for the loss of the awesome unit itself it also means that the Chaos Dwarf’s have no heavy cav which is troublesome in Medieval 2. They also have shity spear units, so you have no good cav yourself, and have poor cav counters.

On the other hand blunderbusses are so good it pretty much makes up for it, and since you are using slaves, you sort of don’t care if your meat shields are exactly great or note :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing that I have had that is difrent from what I understand about the old version is that a prominent fortress you have to conquer that used to be inhabited by night goblins (easy peasy enemies for Chaos Dwarfs to massacre) is now inhabited by a 1000+ army of Slaaneshi and Tzeentchi Daemons hiding behind huge walls. They have roasted my ass several times now, and I have been unable to defeat them without taking massive casualties. Since this is a fortress that must be taken, I would imagine that this alone ups the difficulty factor by quite a lot.

I should add though that I am by no means a very great total war player, which I am sure also contributes.

In short they have definitely worked a lot on it in the past few years, and it is gaining a player base. Also it has the bonus of allowing you to play Chaos, all four factions of it with unique units, without paying a pre order DLC. Ohhhhh! What? What’s that? Yeah! I went there! What you gonna do about it Creative Assembly? Wut chu gona duo?! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

But no, if they include Chaos Dwarfs in the upcoming game at some point, well, there isn’t much I wont be willing to forgive.


Warhammer Beginning of the End Times is out, everything described above has been further expanded and fleshed out. The entire Dark Lands and Zar Naggrund itself is now playable. Its pretty rad.


Seems Chaos Dwarf unit(s) is/are present in the game:

Here a video for a Total War “Call of Warhammer” mod including Chaos Dwarfs:
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Warhammer Online also had two variants of hell cannons in the game, one normal and a bigger one with three barrels. Crew was absent though or Chaos Warriors.


I can confirm it’s quite a sensation to play as vanilla Dwarfs in this mod, with such a strong economy yet scattered fortresses needing to be defended, and only limited opportunities to launch offensives of one’s own. Total War at its best on the campaign map. I guess Chaos Dwarfs may have a hard time against the lardbulks up in the Mountains of Mourn.


Can’t wait to play. Still cant till midnight though. How did you get an early version? Also The hellcannon crew look wrong to me somehow… :stuck_out_tongue: Only the prettiest chaos dwarfs with the least mutations and the most flawless skin are allowed to man the Hellcannon’s apparently.

In the meantime this mod is great, though I must question the sanity of the creators in releasing literally days before everyone else gets their hands on the real thing…


Download. It was my friends’ and my own excitement that made me seek out this mod. At least my computer can handle it without a sack of lag.

If this mod is good, then what won’t the real game be?


Via data mine by an alleged Russian of shadowy aspect, a bunch of plans for future DLC content has been leaked online concerning Total War: Warhammer. According to this the Chaos Dwarfs are in fact planned as a full faction release, though its one of the last DLC’s to come out.

Don’t know exactly how reliable this is, but it seems very promising to me. I had assumed out of hand that Chaos Dwarfs were never going to see the light of day with this title so… I for one am quite happy.

That aside, a light reskin mod has included 3 basic Chaos Dwarf Units (Warriors, Warriors with Great Weapons and Blunderbusses) into the Chaos Faction, combined with the Hellcannon you have enough to put together a rudimentary Chaos Dwarf Army. As these models are pretty good, I am hoping it will get bigger over time. Steam Workshop::Chaos Dwarfs FJ fix for blood DLC patch

Is it just me, or shouldn’t Minotaurs be open to Chaos Dwarf Recruitment? At least they should be able to serve as a proxy for Bull Centaurs, but really shouldn’t Chaos Dwarfs like these things in lore to? I guess there are not enough woods around to support them in the Black Lands.


Interesting it would be great if CD got an army, I was shocked when I saw beastmen got a release, their not exactly the most popular army of all time either.

As for Minotaurs and chaos dwarves, as far as I’ve been able to dig up they have nothing to do with each other really (far as I can tell everything else is just food to Minotaurs in Warhammer) - the only thing that even comes close is supposedly in blood bowl it states Hashut will sometimes transform Chaos Dwarves into them (to explain the blood bowl minotaur team member) , but that’s blood bow.l not very cannon.


Considering that they are both creatures of Chaos the Minotuars and Chaos Dwarfs should have at least some comon ground, and Chaos Dwarfs have no problem enslaving or tameing creatures that would sooner kill them than look at them. Shouldn’t Minotaurs be highly prized slaves at the very least? I mean, they enslave Trolls and Orcs, seems like they would be beard over heels enthused for proper Bull themed slaves/ allies who were also fearsome monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I suspect a much more convincing reason why the two dont hang out is because Minotaurs seem to hang out in forests mostly, which Chaos Dwarfs are proper shy about going into. They probably need creatures who thrive in wastelands and heat to make them proper allies. What a cruel coincidence.

Anyway, with this mod, Just a reskin or two more, and the integration of these Chaos Dwarf Units into their own army that has a lot of green skin units available you have a substantial amount of their roster covered with minimal effort.

You would need to reskin a Chaos Dwarf Castalain and or Prophet, both simple reskins relative to the already complete Warriors and Blunderbusses and then you would have the following faction:

Chaos Dwarfs: Lords: Castalain, Prophet

Heros: Goblin Big Boss

Infantry: Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Chaos Dwarf Warriors (Great Weapons), Goblins, Orc Boys, Orc Big Uns, Black Orcs.

Missile Weapons: Blunderbusses, Goblin Archers, Orc Arrer Boys.

Missile Cavalry: Goblin Wolf Rider Archers

Cavalry: Goblin Wolf Riders, Ork Boar Boys

Monsters & Beasts: Chaos Giant, Chaos Trolls, Armored Chaos Trolls

Artillery: Hellcanon

And that is nearly a full roster.


That’s a very good point on the slaving/taming grounds. Even the extreme barbarism annd bloodgreed of the Minotaurs can probably be atleast steered with a sound beating (no easy task their, bale-taurus rider seems like an ideal candidate for the job on all accounts) and a regular barrel of goblin slaves to slaughter. If any one could do it its us :hat

Would suck to be the Hobs in charge of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well with the progress they have made so-far assuming its still a living mod their may well be a team working on brining it to life (and who knows maybe we will see them in Total War Warhammer in a year or so).


I recently played a Vampire Counts campaign after the release of the Beastmen. The map was in ruins by turn 100. Wissenland was the only Empire region left standing. Feels like there is too much Chaos. Would love to see the CD faction, I just wish they would balance the map.


I wish they would teach the AI to resettle ruins, especially now with the Beastmen who cant take a city without raising it. :stuck_out_tongue: