[Archive] Rajan's Death Korps of Krieg


I saw the Ishkurs’s Death Korps of Krieg army and the paint scheme… and I said “I MUST HAVE IT”!

So I done an order from Forgeworld.

There is some Images:

What do you think? Sorry for bad quality photos :wink:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Welcome to the Korps, soldier! Where certain death and zero glory await. :slight_smile:

Your guys seem to be missing the obligatory shoulder armour for which the regiment’s commissar shall punish you appropriately. Other than that - nice work!

I’d suggest to put some decoration on the bases, maybe some grass or a few rocks in lighter colour. I also painted the collar patches on my soldiers to get some (although really only little) colour into the unit.


oh yes, I forgot this little piece of shoulder armor xD

colored patch? do you have an example?

grass? at home I have only the normal green grass, but maybe I must buy the “Burned grass” or the “Dry grass”…

Maybe tomorrow I will recive by post the 10 man squad at ease :wink:



great to see another dkok army in the works, they are my favorite 40k army by far. looking forward to seeing more in the future :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

colored patch? do you have an example?

Collar patch; which denotes the regiment. It is usually a coloured triangle, circle or square sewn to the collar of each Krieg soldier. I paint mine red to put some extra colour into the units. They can probably be best seen in this picture.


New photos!

:cheers :cheers :cheers


Nice paintjob! Very dark, very WW1.

Love 'em…



I just got one Grenadier Squad and one Firing Squad :wink: Soon some pics!


New photos!!

My “Veterans” of Krieg :wink: tri-plasma and vox… Seargent WIP, I don’t have photo yet.


For the gasmask I done it in Skull White, and then a little paintbrush of Codex grey :wink:


very nice job… :hat off:hat off


Great looking guys really like these alot , keep them coming please, what do you plan to add to the army now ?


I have another squad of normal troopers, and then Krieg’s Rough Rider :smiley: with a Commisar Rider!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Have fun with the riders… my unit of five took me ages to get painted. In every game I’m glad I finished them and won’t have to paint up any more. :wink: The models look cool though.


Ishkur… It’s a Honor :smiley: Thanks

Probably I will buy the riders squad in January or February!


a new entry! :wink:

I must finish it and then ready to paint!! :smiley: