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Hashut’s Blessing:

Hey guys. As I’ve mentioned in a variety of places, I was doing some filming last year in November for two weeks. I was playing a lead role in a fun web-series about four geeks hanging out. Anyway, the website is up and has a teaser trailer and some desktop/iPhone/iPad wallpapers (free of charge!), so it’d be awesome if you checked it out and even more awesome if you passed it on to your friends. There’s more content coming and a rough ETA for the first episode is February.



EDIT: Looking for any of you lovely guys and gals to provide any charitable donations to help spread the Ramblers bug and you get stuff for donating! Show us some loving and get some sweet exclusive things!


Lmao, dude, it appears we have been working on the same project :wink:
I provided 3 episode covers for this, which means I have drawn you in real life without knowing it!

Hashut’s Blessing:

That is abso-fecking-lutely hilarious! If you’ve been told, I am Dan in the episodes :wink: I can’t believe this. Gotta tell Paul and co :smiley:

Well, we’ll both plug this to heck then! You must’ve noticed the requests I was posting on FB thinking about it :wink:

What do you think so far?


You must've noticed the requests I was posting on FB thinking about it
Yeah, I got a forwarded message on facebook and emailed Ask Me Tomorrow about it, didn't realise who it was though ;)

I've read the scripts and am quite keen to see the episodes now :cheers Will be interesting to see how it all compares to the nebulous version that exists solely in my head.

You may be glad to know that you were the hardest to draw ;P

Hashut’s Blessing:

That was me ^^ It was only when I was replying that it cliked though :smiley:

The scripts are made of pure win! I was worried it wouldn;t come out the way that I imagined, but the difference was that I wasn’t imagining me in it, lol :smiley:

Sorry to be difficult! How do I be easier?


Sorry to be difficult! How do I be easier?
Well, that's the question isn't it. Some people are very easy to draw and some are just impossible. You were tricky but not too frustrating :)

So, do we call you Farooq from now on? ;)

Hashut’s Blessing:

I decided it was the semi-beard - I had an accident with the razor about a day before filming started because I was trying to trim and it ended up as near-smooth…

Dan Jones is fine :wink:

Note to anyone: that’s my character’s name and not my own :wink:

Anyone else watched this?


I’d like to see it so keep us all posted. but dunno how long it’ll take to get screened down here.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Glad to see some support :smiley: Remember to spread it to your friends!

Just keep checking www.ramblerstheshow.com and follow them over on Facebook and/or Twitter!

But I shall keep you updated. As for how long it’ll take - everyone gets it at the same time because it’s on the Internet!

Lastly, we’re doing some more photoshoots on Saturday, so more pics coming to a screen near you!

P.S. Support your CDO mod and model supplier :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Bit of a bump.

Looking for any of you lovely guys and gals to provide any charitable donations to help spread the Ramblers bug and you get stuff for donating! Show us some loving and get some sweet exclusive things!


Ha… so what did you determine about the medical frigate? I’ve always just considered it a refitted battle cruiser… so not necessarily a medical frigate at all… plus why would you need a medical frigate for a space battle ever… always thought that was a funny concept… I guess to support a ground assault on a foreign planet or something… oooook… I’m rambling :wink:


ok, so sorry about this but:

The Nebulon-B Kuat Drive Yards Frigate was actually used by the empire as a support ship for convoys so they wouldn’t have to dedicate the more powerful star destroyers to such menial tasks. it is “well armed with turbolasers and laser batteries, has good shields and tractor beam generators, has very good long range sensors and can carry 2 tie fighter squadrons (24 ships).”* The Nebulon B that was at the battle of Endor, The Redemption, had defected and had been heavily converted to operate as a medical frigate - with a few weapon emplacements removed to make room for med bays and shield generators, but in essence it retained its capabilities as an assault capital ship.

So in effect, while it could operate as a medical frigate, it really was still one of the rebellion’s capital ships able to deal out some serious damage… and with resources tight for a poorly funded rebellion, they obviously would dedicate any/all ships that they had available for such an important action as the battle of Endor was supposed to be…

ok, done…

*WEG source Book Star Wars Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition

Hashut’s Blessing:

dncswlf: Trust me, all of that was mentioned (primarily by me) in my audition actually :smiley: Went overtime and almost all of it was spent chatting about the topic and how the Empire are dictatorial, but a lot of their harsh methods were because there was a Rebellion :wink:

Regardless, hope you like the show - it’s due to start airing on the 11th of February. Maybe you’ll find your answers in there :wink:

If anyone has a spare dollar or five in their bank accounts, it’d be lovely of you to donate it! That’s about 65p or £3.25, so as much as a chocolate bar of bus journey (and you get gubbins out of it too!). All love much appreciated.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Okay, guys and gals, just a couple of days until release! It comes out on Friday, 8:00 p.m. GMT. Hope you all check it out and enjoy it - two episodes released on Friday and then one a week for the next 9 weeks!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just bumping this back up to let you know the website has been running for some time, the episodes are up the crew commentaries are up, the cast commentaries are on their way and you can watch it on Youtube as well!

If you have an Xbox360, you can download Youtube as an app, which allows you to watch Ramblers on a tele instead of a laptop/monitor!


(…provided you have an xbox LIVE gold membership.)

Which I have, so I’ll be checking this out!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hope you enjoy it! If you do, hope you’ll tell some friends and get the word spreading. Little fun fact, since you’re in Canada - the character of Tom is from Canada, but Dave (the guy playing him) is from Texas and mostly grew up in England (if memory serves) and his accent is supposedly Canadin sounding :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. You can also like Ramblers on Facebook!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just a little bump to say that Ramblers is up on IMDB - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2132958/

Not only that, but even more commentaries are up! (The cast this time).

Still not enough? Also got another review - http://slackerheroes.com/jj/2012/02/18/ramblers-web-series-review/


What’s the name of this on youtube? When I search ‘Ramblers’ I get about a thousand zydeco music videos. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but if you could post a link, I’ll be able to ‘narrow the search’ on my xbox.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Ramblers Webseries Episode (pick a number between 1 and 10) seems to work :wink: