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I was looking at the stats on photobucket today and saw that I was getting hits from a web site that I didn’t know (as in the only website that should hit me is here!). So I checked it out:

Galeria - Border Princes

Now you’ll have to excuse my ignorance but I have no idea what language this is, but in this longish chaos dwarf thread they have tons of stuff from this site.

The Chaos dwarf section of the site seems healthy too, which shows that support for the old CD’s isn’t just limited to here!

I just thought it was kinda cool… although�??not being able to read it makes me kinda paranoid about the comments. he he :wink:



I think it’s polish.


Yep, Polish. Google can translate it pretty well.


I think it's polish.

who cares!
it's chaos dwarfs!:hat off