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We are all Chaos Gods.

Random thought I�?Tve just had; in the fluff the Chaos Gods are often referred to as playing �?~the Great Game�?T - we�?Tll know what that game is? 40k, Fantasy, AoS and the various Specialist Games and other spin offs. When we play those games, they manifest as battles in the �?~real�?T world. Mutations are manifestations of the conversions and kitbashes we do. All the various unlikely things that happen in the fluff is down to the random chances of our good and bad dice rolls. Inconsistencies such as characters facing off against characters they should never have met and the capricious regard Warp travel has for Time is due to us playing games with our favourite minis against our friends�?T favourite minis with no regard for whether they should be able to face eachother. And so forth.

So as you see, we all are (lesser) Chaos Gods!


Uther the unhinged:

Awesome. Thoigh after a few glasses of wine tonight I defonitely feel like a major chaos god. Thinking about my army probably god of �?~ Not quite right anatomy �?~ and �?~ Dodgy painting�?T


I think I’ll re-read this after a few drinks. It made sense


Certainly an interesting theory… like those above I might need some Scotch to fully understand it…


It certainly adds up.

Every now and then there is a bit of throw-away fluff that implies that exact thing, usually in a White Dwarf article. Some of the strategy articles were written from the perspective of a general or priest explaining things using models on a board.