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I figured I would make a thread I can update with different writings rather than make a new thread each time.

So within these posts you will see the nonsensical fictional ramblings of a crazed collector! I doubt there will be much consistency with lore or anything just more for me to post some stuff that hopefully others might like and use in there lore/ideas for chaos dwarfy stuff.

I will try to update this post when I upload a new ramble.


1 - Father of Darkness

2 - Beginning of the End Times

3 - Lust for Power

4 - Hobgoblin Sneakers - Tzomy Tzukker


Father of Darkness

From the fires within the mountains of mourn

About came the sin, where the Dawi’Zharr are born

The worlds corruption fostered in the Dark Lands

Heated eruption that burns and expands

Everlasting pain to all affected

Races never the same everyone’s infected

Old world torn asunder, raining bones and blood

Fire, lightning, smoke, thunder and the chaotic rosebud

Darkness eclipses, the rose anthesis

Around the ellipses, under the tyrannical thesis

Ravenous, robust, relentless and ruthless

Knaves, notorious, nameless and numberless

Never the same under a blanket of darkness

Everlasting game of the callous and heartless

Sentinels of Hashut conquering all in his name

Socialised sovereignty afoot, alive in the flame


The Beginning of the End Times
Written in the time after Tamurkhan died in the fight against the Chaos Dwarfs… :wink:

Broken ground and burning fires
The Dark Lands of ziggurats and spires
To Mountains of Mourn where the Old World is torn
Buckling under the weight of the chaotic scorn
That incredible weight of Mingol Zharr Naggrund
Home of the Chaos Dwarfs the despots of legend
Slaves shamelessly sacrificed for the worlds destruction
Graves gleefully glamorized for Hashuts induction
the grumbling roar of despotic awe
A chaotic sorcerer holding a slaves jaw
Fueling the forges all guided by his hand
A blackened plague bred in the Dark Land
The cracking whips and the chanted scripts
The age of the Dawi’Zharr, the old world apocalypse
Ordering his minions to take all for his claim
Ordering his slaves to just die for his fame
Ordering his empire to ready and take aim
And let the whole world feel the burn of Hashuts flame


Lust for Power
This was written for the Scribe Contest X, but had to be shortened.

As the power hungry Sorcerer picked up the last slave to be tossed into the furnaces before him he could feel this time would be different. As the slave left his hands and fell face first into the westerly pillar of fire it implodes in then releasing lightning and smoke.

The shadows contorted too and fro, the flames rose in the middle of the spires, all joining into a whirlwind of agonizing fire. The air thickened, the darkness consumed the light and tainting the flame to turn a dark reddish hue, the color of freshly dried blood, the dark firespout spiraled into the roof of the temple.

The aged sorcerer stood before the summoning, clearly straining to contain the force clawing through the chaos, a force that devoured the light and left only darkness. The fire turned almost black as the shape of pure dread and destruction took form. With eyes that glowed like the deepest fires under Zharrduk, snarling smoke and lightning it gnarled �?oNu rhun marazit… Dar… langked… Or… rhun rik!�?� and with its final words the colour of blood illuminated the room from within the fire.

Clearly defined the glowing eyes set in a daemonic, horned, bull shaped mask, blood red hair leaked from the sides of the blackened metal. His Armour like dragon scales black and burnt, from millenniums hidden in the chaos warp, obscured by a thick curly beard matching his hair and swirling fire, smoke and lightning. Clutched in one hand, a godly runic axe inscribed with ancient dwarven runes, unlike anything a chaos dwarf had seen in over 5 thousand years. The dwarf god that stood before them and screamed �?oZagaz Or Zagzak, Grimnir�?� as the brightness overwhelmed all in the room to look away.

The firespout instantly dissipates as the figure vanishes. The Sorcerer poorly pretending to be in complete control quickly exclaims �?oSo you see now my power�?� scanning the almost empty room for confirmation, clearly stressed as the sweat beads down into his beard. �?oOnly with my power can our empire grow�?� the shaken sorcerer shouted as he walked towards his personal quarters concerned more that he was unable to understand what the deity had said rather than who was there to heed his words.

No matter how hard the Sorcerer tried he was unable to decipher what the dwarf in the fire said to him, his accent too thick and ancient. Only thing he could do in this situation was to recreate the summoning!


Hobgoblin Sneakers �?" Tzomy Tzukker

Written for the Scribes Contest XI, A parody of Tommy Tucker - High Heel Sneakers.

Put on your Big Hat, Dawi

Hashut, we’re going out to fight

Put on your Big Hat, Dawi

Hashut, we’re going out to fight

Better curl your bearded face,

Send Sneaky Gitz to kill’em right

Send in your Hobgoblin sneakers

and wear that Big Hat on your head

Send in your Hobgoblin sneakers

and wear that Big Hat on your head

They’re just slaves now, Dawi

Hashut knows your gunna knock’em dead

I’ve got an old Chaotic fever

and some strength in my backhand

got an old Chaotic fever

got some strength in my backhand

Hobgoblin slaves cost much more than I can stand

Get behind your Hobgoblin sneakers

and wear that Big Hat on your head

Get behind your Hobgoblin sneakers

and wear that Big Hat on your head

Though some slaves die

In Hashut’s name you’ve gotta knock’em dead