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So yeah… this’ll sound odd. I’ve been reading a lot of BL fiction lately and one thing is in common in their description of dwarves… They REALLY like to have fun. :wink:

With this in mind I was thinking of doing a conversion (using the OOP throne of power) on a 40mm base as my armys centerpiece. It would effectively be a chaos dwarf lord with 2-3 dark elf “ladies” (or dark eldar slaves) Around him, possibly chained to the post (think Jabba the Hut, only properly evil and stunted.)

With this in mind, and the fact that CDs trade a lot, would it be feasible for them to take slaves for… sexual purposes? I’m assuming it’d be a show of wealth as their own female birth rate is so low that the same could be said of their slaves.

Ideas anyone? Am still gonna do the conversion and post it here but wanted to know your ideas.




Go for it, hasslefree miniatures sell a lot of women in the style you are looking for.


Already picked up two x eldar slaves and a daemonette familiar. Might just go all out and make this a 50mm diorama sort of model. Will definitely search Hasslefree though. :slight_smile:

On a side note, was thinking about how CDs break the will of and enslave practically anything, and I think a slave slaan would be pretty darn cool. For one, they’re arguably the most magically powerful beings in the warhammer universe, and for two, they’re used to having their every whim doted to by skink scribes and temple guard. I reckon it’d be a powerful image.


Sounds like a cool idea, Jabba the Dwarf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thommy H:

would it be feasible for them to take slaves for... sexual purposes?
Feasible, but probably not something someone who isn't a sociopath should be considering making a toy of.


Well, i doubt he’s going to be sculpting the act itself.

Sexual hints are in quite a few gw products, its hardily sociopathic, that’s a bit strong.

Thommy H:

Sex is fine. Sexual slavery isn’t.


As opposed to an army which is 50% slaves? Some people have a line drawn in a different place to others.

Any culture that took slaves seemed to use them for all manner of activities, so I don’t think it is any more of a strange thing for CDs as opposed to DE, just less commonly depicted.

Thommy H:

As I’ve said before, I just don’t think rape has any place in Warhammer. If you want your model collection to depict that kind of situation then that’s fine, but I reserve the right to think it’s a pretty awful thing to want to do with your toys. Villainy is fine, but there are some things that I just don’t think are appropriate for a hobby which is fundamentally about enjoyment and fun.


So your a supporter of the ‘megamind’ school of villanry rather than say the ‘clockwork orange’ school then?

Thommy H:

I’m not a supporter of any kind of villainy :stuck_out_tongue: I just think that there are appropriate stories to tell in some media but not others. In what is, by necessity, a participatory hobby (i.e. our armies are designed to be experienced by other people as well - either in games or just via display) I think there are some things which just shouldn’t feature because you risk seriously offending people with whom you’re supposed to be spending a relaxing and enjoyable time - and that’s no fun for anyone. GW itself has cut close to the bone before (i.e. with Asdrubael Vect’s little harem, for example) but, as far as I know, they’ve never featured a blatant depiction of sexual slavery in any of their publications. No matter how depraved the race, they draw a pretty firm line there because, frankly, this is not an issue everyone is comfortable with. Nor should it be.

Glimpse the Void:

I think this comes down to people having to respect that differences in peoples hobby. I find slavery and violence generally abominable and it seems odd to me that someone can think the rest of chaos dwarves is legit and draw a line here at this issue. The indy GT (which is a amazingly done) is full of some sick stuff, but is only a game.

With that being said, I respect that everybody feels differently and that it might not be something most people are going to want to look at when they are trying to relax and play a game.

As for me, I love vect’s harem and I find this sort of fantasy pimping amusing. It sound like a cool model, though I would find any depiction of the acts themselves distasteful.


Woah… just woke up to this :o

Didn’t mean it in a rape way or showing the rape. I was going to more show it as that they were… bribed (money or power, or just corrupted themselves) to serve him in such a manner (ie. one even has a knife to help defend him, think old dark elf/eldar wytches).

I understand your view though, and I just want to reiterate that I’m not just gonna make a giant rape-base (sorry for lack of better wording).

I merely meant it as a display of him power. I’d rather have female dwarves but there are rarely any I can find that fit the scale/ theme.

:slight_smile: Hope that clears some things up and maybe I didn’t describe it well enough so sorry for that.

All will be explained once I post the finished product :hat

Thommy H:

Didn't mean it in a rape way or showing the rape.
The problem is that sexual slavery is itself rape. A violent assault isn't the only way to force an unwilling victim to have sex - essentially, if someone is unable to refuse or gives consent under extreme duress then, legally and philosophically, it's rape.

Sorry to be so blunt about it, but this is a topic that concerns me, and if I can get people to think more closely about what they're doing before they do it, then I think it's worthwhile. I wouldn't want you to make this model, then bring it to a game and find that the person you're playing against has had someone close to them be the victim of a sexual attack, or is themselves a victim of it and suddenly have all that trauma rear its head. Because these things can and do happen - I know of someone who went through something like that and, much later, was shown some semi-comedic Japanese "tentacle rape" pornography by some friends (just to say 'hey look at this crazy stuff we found!') and essentially had a breakdown because of the emotions it invoked.

This is not an issue that can be brushed aside by anyone who's suffered the consequences of it, so be aware of that. You wouldn't put racism or homophobia in your army - I think it's wise to draw the line at rape too, but everyone will find their own limits I guess.

Okay, I'm done lecturing :)


@ Necrotique, I get you you mean he’s 2Pac with his female errrrr ‘helpers’, not a sex offender.


As a father of two children, I would like to remind everyone that this is a hobby with a very large fan-base of minors. The topic/s being discussed here are clearly adult in content. Please be mindful of any models/dioramas built which depict adult content. I am not trying to censor anyones creativity or desire to express themselves sexually. Just be mindful of posting anything inappropriate.

Thanks - A Father.

Thommy H:

Which is another good point - I don’t think children are “harmed” by being exposed to sexual content per se, but I do think there is a time and a place to bring up the topic of non-consensual sex and over a gaming table is probably not it. No one wants their kid to learn about the horrors of rape when they’re playing with toy soldiers.


You have explained it very eloquently. We are “playing” toy soldiers, we are NOT re-enacting real-life atrocities.


I know and respect that, and I really didn’t mean it in such a graphic way. I more meant it as a sort of dark-eldary female follower type of way. I know the effect that things like this in real life can have on people and I don’t intend to have that reaction on people. Sorry that I didn’t explain it better mate. As I said, it’ll be a lot more… understandable once I create and post the finished model.

Again, it was poorly worded and I can see where you’d get your impression from.

@nitro - haha, I can just imagine that, a CD in a giant saggy blood bowl sweater wearing slacks with an Undivided bling pendant surrounded by females wearing red latex and heels. Oh gosh, now I have to do that too…


@Necrotique - do it, do it, do it!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: