[Archive] Re-Releases of the Word of Hashut


Hello again all,

Herein you will find the re-release of all of the Word of Hashut PDFs going back to Issue #1 last year. We went through and spruced up all of the issues and hopefully the effort was worth it.

As to the why of this; we are not at liberty to discuss the why at the current time, that is a post for a latter time and probably one from Xander.

Also some have been wondering if this is due to Games Workshop releasing Chaos Dwarfs… we can only really say this one way: we don’t know about Games Workshop’s plans anymore then anyone else on the web. We hope for a release of a new Chaos Dwarf army book just like everyone else, but we are not privy to any inside information. So lets keep plugging along and hopefully we will have our day.

Special Thanks to those that pitched in and helped, special thanks to Grupax and Baggronor especially.

For each issue you can down load them from their threads respectively:

Issue #1: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/8363
Issue #2: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5543
Issue #3: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5502
Issue #4: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/5504


I smell the work of Lawyers…


How to torture a zombie… lock him in a room full of lawyers.

Think about it. No brains.

Good to them back up though!


Sweet, I almost thought the were gone for good… puheew :slight_smile:


I would hurt a family member if that’s what it would take to make a new Chaos Dwarf army book appear in the next year.

Just sayin’ is all…


Sacrifice your family to Hashut!

Praise Hashut!


I swear if I see that on the news I’ll have to beat you with a snotling. I’ll invent them just to do it too!

Glad to see the Word is back up.


Yes the new issue is out, this is still much better then the White Dwarf from GW :slight_smile:

:cheers cheers all


Brillant work! :hat off

I´m really impressed! :slight_smile:

I´m looking forward to Issue No. 5! :cheers


PS What is the White Dwarf???:stuck_out_tongue:


It was a respected publication that has long since devolved and fallen from grace. Its last really good issue was #90, I think.

Kera foehunter:

yea im back !!! ggreat work this month !!


yea im back !!!! ggreat work this month !!

Kera foehunter
Ahhhh this month? I started working on it in January... o_O

Kera foehunter:

whats a few months in a cd life ! that like hours to humans


Well im going to print all of these and reed them back to back I shall return once my eyes hurt and I have drunk four buckets of cola.


Who knew reading Word of Hashut was hazardous to your health???


Yeah… Got to love GW and their IP lawyers… I found about 12 things as far as names that they supposedly own the IP on… but actually they dont. LOL. Such as Grom… They say they own both Grom and Grom the Paunch… Really… Last I checked the Conan Books predate GW… As well as the Chaos Star… Love to see that hold up in court.

Ancient History:

Aw, point of fact: Conan’s god is Crom with a “C.”


sorry… i got it wrong… but they also say they own both Crom and Crom the Conquerer as well… Pretty much any named character they have down as owning it as both its singular name if it has one and its full… With a few Exceptions… Such as Orion. They only have Orion, King of the Woods.