[Archive] Real Beer mugs dwarf heads,


Hi all so there seems to be some real interest in head and hat beer mugs. This is doable if there’s real interest two ways of doing . Cheap is printing the mug and having a removable inner glass cup . this could be done for between 25-40$ USD we could also hand sculpt mugs individually from clay depending on deatil wanted for 50-100$ usd and fired thus making drinkable .can be painted for more. Not asking for pledges but please post if this interests you and which type you would prefer.


Wow, I’m really interested to see what comes out of this (if anything)! I need to put all money on moulds for the foreseeable future, but I wish you best of luck in this groundbreaking endeavour and cross my fingers.

Want a drink, fellas? Here’s your chance to do it in style befitting the Father of Darkness! :cheers