[Archive] Red Box Games goblin bonebacks- perfect for hobgoblins?


I have been planning to use the Red Box Games goblin bonebacks as hobgoblins, and was wondering if anyone else was thinking of doing the same?

I have 20 of the metal ones but am going to be getting more through the Kickstarter he has going on, here:


As a related question, I was wondering if anyone has tried running a bus of 75 hobgoblins naked ;). Seems like it might have a place in a fun list as a way to pin something down for a Destroyer / bull centaurs / etc to hit it in the flank.

Also, is it at all worth putting shields on hobgoblins? I figure I might try it for the occasional parry… would only have to make a few saves to pay back for itself. But it looks like bows are much more popular!


I really like the Red Box goblins a lot and have been considering getting them before, although I think some (most?) are pretty small. I don’t think they’d work alongside my own Hobgoblins based on Stormvermin bodies, but other than that - sure! Whatever suits your taste. As long as it’s green and tries to hurt the other guys, it works as hobgoblins for me.

I didn’t know that there was a second kickstarter. I’m going to look in to that…


Yeah, that’s why I am partial to the bonebacks :slight_smile: which are signifcantly bigger than his “normal” goblins. I think they are a great size, but then again I am going to have Only bonebacks in units, so there won’t be much to compare them to!

I do plan to get some of the other smaller goblins for different units, and more for fun than anything. I.e. look at those tiny gobbos, they’re the runts of the litter :stuck_out_tongue: but bonebacks will make up the bulk of the ones I am getting.

Also- I can take a size comparison pic with my metal bonebacks, but unfortunately the only chaos dwarfs I have so far as the Greebo bloodbowl ones, which I think are quite a bit larger than normal dwarfs (just got the Tamurkahn book and this whole thing is new to me, hence my scheming about crazy hobgob armies!)


I love his sculpting, but i dont think the models really fit in as hobgoblins. If he did some man size goblins we could use that were regiment affordable, it would be brilliant


I am really interested in getting them - but I’m finding it hard to justify the expense, since I’d need at least 40-ish hobgoblins in order to make a unit work in WHFB…

Thommy H:

Yes, and that’s the problem really. There are lots of great goblin models out there that would make excellent hobgoblins, like the Heresy ones, but they’re all in metal and it’s rarely affordable to amass a proper sized unit. Who’s going to pay £2 a model when you need twenty just to make a legal unit? £40 could get you a big, fun monster…

It’s precisely the reason FW haven’t made hobgoblins of their own - the economics of unit building don’t fit with the business model of the boutique miniatures company. No matter how lovely the figures are, you’re better off converting from GW plastics or looking to Mantic’s range. They do big, cheap boxes of gobbos which look fine.

Kera foehunter:

At last some one that can make wolves i also like the fatties goblins

I will be sure to buy some so sweetie please post when they come out this fall