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For a long time it is keen on insurgent army of grottoes from Gorka- Morka. Began to do to itself in a collection. I plan to make a series from 10 different Grotts and GrotTank.

The first Red Grott the colonel.


Love it! A gretchin commissar!


That’s a pretty nice sculpt and it fits good together with the Micro Arts Grots so it increases the possibillities. But if you want to make them for GorkaMorka you have to take care to let them look very post-apocalyptic. lot’s of scrap metal, improvised clothes with rubbish on it and so on. the little Mad Max influence is what is so cool on Gorka Morka


I want to use these Grottov in game 40�s by new rules it is possible to collect group г�?о�,�,ов and to expose on a game field. Fordzh have rules on Grototank. I think that such uniform is quite pertinent for Red grottoes of rebels  ))


The colonel is by far my favourite of your sculpts I’ve seen in this website!!!

I want it! His trousers and uniform are so cool. A red army themed rebel grots from a Russian would be too cool! :smiley:

What do you have coming from your magic hat? :slight_smile:


I really like the Red Grott Colonel he is very nice indeed. Is that photo a resin cast or the original sculpt, I can’t really tell.

I personally like the fact that is it not very post-apocalyptic, and that the uniform looks nice an clean. I can definately use him in my growing weird war collection of minis.

I look forward to seeing more of these guys.


Ha Ha, the second Grot is exactly what I want to see! :hat off